Help! - Cant Get Past 65 Mph.

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by MRB3N, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    How much did you end up paying??

  2. just over 4600 thats for bike, tax, first registration fee ect, crash protectors and alarm system( i think he knocked a bit off the alarm aswell)
  3. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    That's not too bad, did you get the old stuck off him aswell tail tidy etc....

  4. no they kept the original tail plate holder and screws for the fairing where the crash protector was fitted, i was going to ring him but truith be told i couldnt be bothered lol! its quite a long way there to pick up somethin im never going to use and i thought i'd mention it when i take bike for service
  5. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    you can sell it otherwise they will sell it. Call them and make sure they don't get rid of your stuff.

  6. they probs already did m8 i got the bike last month it was delivered on xmas eve lol, i read somewhere that they did the same to some1 else so it wasnt too much of a shock maybe if i say somethin they will send me another 1 they have lieing around lol i would just stick it in the shed incase i come to sell it at some point, tail tidy looks a lot nicer tho lol.. all i can think of why they made it how they did is maybe it improves handling somehow
  7. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    get some pics up and yeah you should ask them for your old stuff.

  8. will do m8, its the 2013 matt grey, looks exactly the same as the 2012 if u ask me tho.. we need the nice sunny days back asap!
  9. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    yeah it's the same but they brought it out again maybe because sales were so good on that colour type.
  10. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Well I've never seen another GPR like that in a shop, or eBay or on another R125 etc.
    Sold it now anyway for £150 and now bought a Remus. :D

    More torque and a different sound. No more than 5mph top end though.
    Going to have fuelling checked at Yamaha. Must be that.

  11. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    Are you still only topping out at 65mph??
  12. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Yeah. I reckon I need to have Yamaha check the fuel/air ratio.

    I have that Remus exhaust and the K&N panel filter.

    Perhaps if I tucked behind the screen and laid there for 20 miles Id get faster.

    Pissses me off.
  13. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    But the acceleration is faster than a McDonalds meal.

    You almost pull a wheelie each time.

    No probs with acceleration.

    Just top end is wank.
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  14. briddgy

    briddgy Member

    i had 84 0n the limiter on a flat dual carrage way and now mine wont go above 70 it feels like its sudnly stuggles i think its since i fell off the brakes ae rubbing a bit but surley this shouldnt stop mine going quick any more
  15. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Join the club dude... :(
  16. Dave70

    Dave70 Member

    Had around 80mph on mine (stopped looking at the speedo at 79mph lol) but, the norm is around the 70-72mph mark, depending on other factors like the wind direction and strength.

    Somedays though, it'll struggle to get there more than others
  17. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Average is 70 to 72? That's not quite right.

    Yamaha claim 76 as stock and most people get 85.

    Basically the speed for the R125 to get when 100% healthy is 85 (or 86 when keep bouncing off rev limiter).

  18. took my bike in for service a few week ago and they sent me the tail end plate holder back.. they have to cut the wires so maybe thats why they just throw them to the side after fitting the tail tidy
  19. Biz


    Oh wow, my bike reaches 88mph top, it'll easily get to 70 however if I have a pillion 70mph is the max...I thought that was the norm until I saw this post! :eek:

  20. So the outcome of this is chances are my air fuel mix is incorrect or air filter needs cleaning as on my MT I was getting 76 now down to 65 mph ..

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