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  1. So I'm looking for some help with DIY crash guards to my Yamaha WRx 2010. I was thinking of some BMX pegs. I think you can get them on the front, since the axel is hollow, but does it have threads on both sides? Rear axel.. uhh I don't know about that I think the other side of the axel doesn't have threads. And does anyone have idea how you can modify the passenger foot pegs so you can put BMX pegs on them too..?
    Would really appreciate some advice, if anyone has done these before please tell me! I'm tired of breaking everything! xD

    Sorry for the bad english :/
  2. Blazer

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    I've been reliably informed that a dt 125 x 's rear axle is hollow and will fit, the dt 125 and wr 125 share the same rear wheel, which is why a dt125's rear sprocket also fits the wr. Your english is good.;)

  3. So you can put BMX pegs on the rear one as well? I started thinking that the nuts might be a little problem tho xD
    And thanks :)

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