Help!! Does Anybody Have A 150cc Power Commander 5 Map?

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by ajw3991, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. i just bought a pc5, i already have a 150cc bore kit installed but cant find a map for it anywhere, so if anyone has a map they would kindly share i would be very grateful!


    Fill in model and year, and see if there is any maps available. If you cant find any, try using yzf r125 instead of wr125. They are more popular bikes i think and there might be more maps for them. since they use the same engine as the wr, i cant see why a yzf r125 map shouldnt work on your wr.

  3. Ive got a yzf pal, thanks for the reply, searched everywhere though and had no look but found a pc3 mao and imported that to the pc5

  4. Haha, i forgot that. lol

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