IF you didnt have a YZF R125, what would you be riding?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by mattbravo, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. So lets set the scenario, If there wasnt such thing as a YZF R125, what would you be riding? Derbi? Aprillia? Honda? CBR maybe?
  2. lonepilgrim

    lonepilgrim Member

  3. i was lookng at a megelli 125r befor i saw the r125
  4. Benji

    Benji Guest

    I was tempted to one of those, but they should be called the verydearo
  5. Caspa

    Caspa Member

    The bus... :p

  6. was close to buy an aprilla rs125 ;D
  7. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    ^^^^^ this. I was that close to getting a rs125 that I had a guy coming down to my work to show me a second hand one. But the day before he was supposed to come down I went and bought the yamma. So glad I did now.
  8. TRU


    MY kymco stryker died. Size and shape wise it was perfic but built crap, falling to bits, slow and sluggish and forever on the spanners to keep it going...I loved it.

    Was going to do DAS but due to circumstances I had to stick on a 125 for the time being and was on the lookout for a new one.

    Had the R125 not been on 0% I'd have gone for a second hand honda varedero.

    If the landlord wasnt selling up I'd be on a Blackbird or ZZR1200

  9. I'd be on my ped in my Avatar, its a POS but I love it :D :x

  10. Aprilla RS125...... After that I'd have to do my DAS straight off and my first bike I would own would be a bigger machine after passing Mod 2.
  11. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    I suppose it would have ultimately been a Honda Varadero, though, I was initially tempted by the CBR125 :shock:
    Boy oh boy, despite it's obvious popularity and reliability, am I glad I didn't plump for the latter.
    I'd have ended up looking like Billy Bunter on a Monkey Bike.
    Ironically, I was very attracted to the Yamaha XVS Dragstar 125cc Cruiser, and might have well ended up with that instead - just for the "Hells Angel" image; dark leathers, tassels and all. :lol:

  12. If it wasn't the R125 it'd have been a Corsa GSI with the engine getting stripped and built to track spec in my garage. I think I made the better and easier choice lol.
  13. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Which would have been terrible to drive in traffic in a round town situation, been there got the t-shirt. Nice when on track though, as you can hold it in the thin narrow band of power at the top, but otherwise it's not much fun. Big duration cams and high lift, with all the other tuning that goes in, smiles in the right places, annoying in others.

  14. Yeah, only for track. Was going to be run on ITB's with an Omex ECU on a c20xe engine with the coscast head and the early billet crank.

    So now the bikes' here i'm trying to disuade myself from doing the 3.2 V6 conversion into my 2.6 V6 Vectra GSI with the ITB's and tubular manifolds on an Omex. Given that it only gets used for long journeys out of town, I could probably justify it a bit more but I couldn't justify the money to get it to that point! Not when the cars' worth 2k very tops.

  15. v6 power is awesome! the sound my vr6 golf made was the only reason i bought it lol had a full scorpion system on it and soon as you put your foot down you remembered why its worth having a car that was averaging 19mpg on a good run lol.
  16. chelseaboy

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    Very interesting to see that a lot of you guys would have gone for the rs125, to be expected, I guess. But lets all be happy that we are not paying out for engine rebuilds after every 300 miles :lol:

    To be honest, if It hadn't been for the r125 I would have waited until I was 25, done my DAS and bought an r6. Would have been manageable then with insurance costs etc... so Im soooo glad yammy brought this gem out
  17. TRU


    An R6 is expensive insurance for me. An R1 couldnt get a quote.

    Blackbirds, hyabusas, ZZR1100/1200's, Sprints etc...all were between £150 and £260 a year fully comp, 0 years no claims, first year full licence, garaged in a rural area, aged 28....shocking aint it :D

  18. now going for a r125 woop woop but was looking at the cbr125 cos there was an offer of getting ya cbt modula 1 and 2 for free! all sounded sweet to me at first but when n had a look at the bike and felt like there shud be some pedals sticking outta the side haha, not saying it a poor bike but just didnt feel right
  19. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    Good for you!
    I too was going to choose a CBR125R initially, about 2 years ago. Then, I actually spotted one in real life and discovered it seemed designed for riders under 5 feet in height. Further more, from behind, it looked disturbingly like a moped :shock: , and from that angle, carried NO street credibility whatsoever.
    So that killed my enthusiasm for the CBR - which is a nice reliable bike, but belongs in the 90s
    Incidentally, I spotted the R125 shortly afterwards, mistook it for an R6 or something at first, then saw the R125 labels and was gobsmacked.
    Couldn't get the sight of that YZF-R125 out of my mind for weeks.
    Eventually, searched the net for info, spotted this web site, read a Biking Magazine doing a comparison between the RS125, R125 and the CBR125R.
    That made my mind up. R125 it was. Never looked back since, never regretted it either.
    Despite its sophistication, it's simply the best.

  20. Peaky

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    Yamaha Wr125x, mate just got a 10 plate, absolutely gorgeous!

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