Intermittent Start Fault R125 2014

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  1. Hey,

    So every now and then my bike doesn't start first time on electric start. 2014 R125

    1) disarm alarm
    2) key in ignition, switch on, watch speedo start up cycle
    3) press electric start, bike doesn't start (no tick over noise, just no response at all)

    Now sometimes it starts the first time, sometimes I have to press the electric start quite a few times for the bike to start. Very bizarre as sometimes it's okay and turns on 1st attempt and other times it needs a minute or 2 to "wake up"

    Any suggestions would be great!
  2. Blazer

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    When you say no tick over noise, do you mean the starter motor doesn't turn the engine over?, or the engine is turning over but won't fire?.

  3. The starter motor makes no noise at all, it does tick or click, the bike remains completely silent with no reaction to pressing the electric start button
  4. Blazer

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    I would start by checking the wiring first, trace it back from the starter motor to see if there are any corroded or loose connections. If you can't find a problem and you have a multimeter to hand then the battery can be tested, it should put out just slightly over 12 volts with nothing switched on. If that's ok then it could be the starter motor, it should be possible to test it by running a wire straight to it from the battery, if it turns then it has to be a problem somewhere between the battery and starter motor.

  5. Understood, I will give that a go this weekend and report back!
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  6. Blazer

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    Just remembered, when turning the ignition on in a car and only getting a click from the starter it was a sign that the starter was sticking. To sort it we would put the car in gear and rock it which would free the starter and the car would start. Maybe next time this happens to your bike you could try the same thing, if it works then you will know it's the starter motor. Just a thought :).

  7. Oh nice, thanks man!

    The thing is the bike doesn't tick, like it's not trying to turn over and you don't get that clicking noise as if it was the starter motor failing. But I'll definitely give that a shot this weekend when I take a look at the wiring and check voltages etc!

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