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Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by vixy, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. vixy

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    lets welcome each one of us.
    introduce yourself :)
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  2. Seems kinda quiet around here, so I guess I'll start. :D

    So, hello everyone, I'm Joni, from Finland, also known as j0nt5ki.
    I got my R125 in last July and loved it. I rode about 10 000km in 5 months by it. :D
    And at the moment I'm having a little project going on with my bike. Looking forward to summer! :cool:

    Next? :)

  3. we got a new blog so you can write things about yourself and stuff like that there, just create a new topic there, and start writing ;)

  4. Hello!

    I´m Mika, 17-years old, I live in Finland and I also got my R125 last year but in April and its yellow. :D

    I have done few mods to the bike:
    -Leovince exhaust
    -New register plate holder
    -Some stickers
    -"Xenon-look" lights
    -LED-"park-lights" :D
    -New tyres "Pirelli - Sport Demon"
    -And maybe something what i dont remember just now... ;)

    Here some pics...
  5. diasilman

    diasilman Member

    Hello Im diasilman

    i sell R125 engine performance parts :)
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  6. Im Jason ....31 and have the r125...well its in dealers with blown engine .......but hopfully back soon ......Heylooo all

  7. Hi Guys :)

    I'm Joao from Portugal. I'm 18.
    I haven't got my R125 yet because I haven't finished my licence yet. I'm really excited about it and I'm sure I'll have great moments with it.
    I love bikes since I'm 10 :)
    My objectives are:
    1. Have fun
    2. Go to MotoGP in Estoril ( Portugal )this year
    3. Go to Superbikes in Portimao ( Portual ) this year
    4. Maybe, travell with my bike and some friends :)

    Regards mates :D

  8. Hello,
    I'm Mat, Picking up my bike on Saturday. Very Excited! IN BLUE

  9. diasilman

    diasilman Member

    hi robotlove

    welcome to the forum :)
    enjoy your new bike!!!
    show us pics

  10. Ello guys i'm stu From Brighton in England

    Had my R125 just over a month and somehow clocked up 750 miles already

    Got an 09 bike in red and going to order the yoke protector and double bubble screen soon ;)

  11. Hi, My name is Simon & i eventually got my R 125 on march 7th. V nice. Enjoying being on a geared bike again since being banned in 2000 :oops: Used to have a Suzuki TL1000R with full yoshi system and Ohlins suspension so every thing a little diffrent but still good. quite suprised @ how good the handling is just a shame the engine seems a little steady compared to my Maxster 125 scoot was ( did have 170 kit on it & am hoping that the 170 kit for th R is just as good.) If anyone's got one fitted let me know as i'm really intrested.

  12. Whaat you bought a 125cc after a 1000cc :?: :!: And what do you mean by "being banned", was your licence taken away by police or something :?: :shock:

  13. im sure everyone want to noe hw best to maintain their r125 anyone care to post HOW TO..PLS DO..THANK YOU.
    ps im nt quite sure either i juz maintain the enjine oil and oil filter. once a mnth.thats do give me plus points aite.
    also do put in this post the modifications needed to max out an r125..aniting u noe wil help.
    air filter
    big bore
    gear ratio??

  14. hi my names from singapore..i own a red and white 08 r125...still serving my country nw..cant wait for dec..when ill start concentrating on my bike if u guys got any tip on what to mod first or gear ratio thingys..anything tat would help will do aite...appreciate it....and 1 more thing...singapore does nt bring in alot of the r125 mostly ill be getting stuff online...if u guys know some online dealer of r125 parts and accesories do pm me thanks

  15. Hey :D
    My name is Daniel, I'm from Molde, Norway ;)
    I just got my 2009 Burning Blue Yamaha YZF-R125.
    Feel free to ask anything ;)
    Personaly I like the '08 Impact Yellow best, but I got the blue, cause yellow wasn't on the marked : /
    But, I'm pretty happy, still, I love my bike more than anything <3

  16. hello,im new here hi all

    had my r125 for about 4 months,sports white :p
    getting a titanium remus can fitted on friday hope it makes a great bike even better :mrgreen:

  17. Hi, I'm Niall from Kent.

    Bought my white R125 about a month ago, had a few things done, will upload some photos when I get round to it.

    Happy biking !

  18. Hi everyone,

    Im Tim,

    Had the R-125 for about 4 months now, currently sourcing some new parts/upgrades if anyone would like info please get back to me!

    : D

  19. Hi. I'm Liam, Im From the UK.

    First of all I want to congratulate everyone especially the moderators
    on what a good forum this is. Good Work Guys.

    I have a Yamaha R125 in Black.
    With a Few Upgrades,
    I will post a full list of upgrades for you shortly.

    Thanks Liam

  20. Greetings..Im 16 I live in lithuania and I own a black/silver R125. I bought it damaged.
    Question: What do you guys do with your stock wind screen after you buy the double-bubble ?

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