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Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by vixy, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all just joined got my bike a year ago been tinkering with the look since just need to finish off my wheels still have the original grey body kit so can swap back anytime.

  2. I'm Oli from Brighton, England. Got a 62 plate, white with gold rims. Just been serviced, will do oil change myself in another 800 miles or so. Plan on fitting tail tidy, tank pad, as well as modifying the exhaust next week end after the mot!
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    Hello and Welcome Clem to this big Family.
    ride safe please
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  4. Hello I'm Hydro, got my bike 2 weeks ago it's a 2014 plate, I'm in kent - UK

  5. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Just about to pick up my 2nd (yes 2nd) YZF-R125 tomorrow!

    Started off with a WR-125R back in 09, then had a 60 plate YZF-R125 (Black & Gold), then moved to a WR-125X for the last couple of years, but have now gone back to a 2015 YZF.
    Can't wait!


  6. Hi my name is stefan, im from England and i own a 2008 rossi edition yzf r125.
    With a full scorpion exhaust system. Looking at getting a rear seat cowl next.
    Got a lot of mods im looking forward to doing, will post photos when i get round to doing them.
    This is an amazing forum and i have learnt loads of stuff from it, keep it up.
    Thanks and safe riding.
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  7. Hey all
    Im baldy from the north east and shoukd be old enough to know better ...obviously i dont lol
    Just done a deal for 1 of my cars for the bike yzfr..
    Needs a few jobs but nothing major ..will treat to a fresh paint or wrap ....
    See yous on the back wheel


  8. hello everyone!!!! im living in london here what im about :

  9. Hi All,

    I'm Tj from South Yorkshire.
    Pick up my Yzf-r tomorrow (Wednesday)

    Been a few years too many since I last had a bike.
    So can't wait to collect it.

    It's a 2009 plate.

  10. Hi all,
    my name is Celil from turkey. I have had too many motocycles time to time . My last darling is yzf r125 .I love its looks and performance for now.. But ı'm to curious for modifications.. Actually ı have a many questions should be answered in the forum , I hope there are friends to help.
    Thanks good riding to all

  11. Hi Guy's I'm Danny and i have just ordered my very first Yamaha yzf r125 looking forward to chatting and any advice people can give me lol

  12. Hello Guys,

    I'm RN and I bought my YZF R125 early this year. It is the 2015 race blue model. I'm 34.
    I was a bit concerned about the size of the bike since my inner leg is 33". But when the bike came
    I mounted it and it fit me perfectly.

    It has just done it 200 miles today. So 400 miles to go before the first service.

    Thanks For taking time to read.

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  13. Hi everyone. New to the forum. I'm David I've had my r125 for about s month now. Really enjoy it. Would like to see if anyone is around the Essex area and would fancy a ride out.
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  14. 60 next birthday and in a previous life i owned HONDA cd175,HONDA cb250 and KAWAZAKI z650 ,after a break of 36 years ,3 kids and 3 grandkids decided to take up biking me a wrx125.....chuffed to bits ..wot a great site for picking up tips annd spares .....didnt need CBT IN MY DAY ,THATS WHY IM BACK TO 125 ,,BIT OF A PAIN BUT hey ho,lookin forward ...regards..slash
    from isle of Lewis scotland.......height is my only proble ...sent for lowering kit ...hope it helps or i will have to carry a bag of cement on the mabey i could remove seat and shave foam padding .any suggestions
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    I live in east london, but usually meet up with a few peeps outside the kings oak pub at high beach in epping forest on a sunday afternoon. If you happen to be in the area stop and say hi.

  16. bit far away for me Blazer.but enjoy

  17. Will keep that in mind cheers
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    How long have you had your wr? After a while the suspension settled in on mine and the seat height came down a bit, new I could only get my toes on the floor now I can get a full foot on the floor.

  19. Hello everybody, I'm Daniel and by July 1st I'm also buying the Yamaha r125, I'm doing my CBT test on the 11th of June and I'm 17 years old.
    I'm getting a white Yamaha with gold wheels,I have bought RST leather boots, pants, jacket and helmet which cost me £450 with 10% off.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Hello people
    I am anderson and this is my bb
    I accept any suggestions

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