is the r125 just for teens!!!

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    Hello mate, I'm 30 and just started riding my R125 since passing my CBT last Nov. No shame in that mate, you've got to start somewhere. I think the R125 appeals to a wide age group. Also, it's one of the most expensive 125cc's out there, so while it may be learner legal, many teenagers can't afford one, so the bike is often riden by older learners. The bike may be a bit 'all show, no go', but in reality it's just a very nice looking 125.

    It's also worth mentioning that even if you take to riding like a fish to water, there's still a lot of techniques to learn to get you up to safe comfortable level of riding skill. I believe it's safer to learn on a low power bike, so you don't get yourself into a situation on a big bike that you don't know how to deal with and ends up in a crash due to lack of experience, control etc...
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    A bit of "All show and no go"?
    Probably a bit harsh on the R125, as it does depend what you are comparing it to.
    It's definitely no 600cc Superbike, and it won't propel you to the horizon in two blinks ;)
    Yes, it IS slow by 600cc standards.
    There are are also much slower 125cc to 50cc bikes, scooters and mopeds out there, and we all share the same road.
    On Tuesday, while on my way to work on the A406, I spotted a "Big" Bike coming up behind me on the "fast lane", and promptly moved over into the middle lane to let him pass. Whoosh! He was past me and gone to Warp Drive in seconds - hell, the only thing missing was the accompanying Flash of Light to signify his jumping to faster than light speed.

    Did I turn green with envy? Er, no. It WAS fascinating to see though. BUT, to put on that wonderful display of bullet like speed to infinity and beyond, he WAS breaking the speed limit, doing between 70 - 80 mph in a 40 mph limit area. Impressive looking, and oh, sure, his bike looked "All show and go".
    But, really? That's not what most of us want to do on our commute to work.

    IF you're after a commuter bike AND you are riding around in the city, the R125 won't disappoint you with it's more than adequate turn of speed and acceleration under NORMAL commuting conditions.
    You'll regularly find yourself filtering to the front of the queue in traffic, and zooming ahead when the lights change to green. Few cars will out pace you as you take off. And those that catch up with you later will be breaking the speed limit anyway - as you'll pretty much be on the verge of doing.

    I'm no saint, I've been known to ride my Wasp like "I stole it" on occasion, but even then, in an urban environment, I do find it is stupid and dangerous to do this in many places, besides, there are blooming Speed Cameras everywhere, so, I generally stick to the speed limit.

    Sure, it WILL be slower than that 600cc Monster ripping past you in a show of unbridled speeding glory, a la "Eat my dust L-Plate Learner Dude". BUT, you'll experience the opposite, when you fly past a 50cc Moped on a dual carriageway, appearing to break the sound barrier as you go by ;)

    It's one of the fastest 125cc Learner Legal Sports Bikes out there "stock".
    Yes, it can even kill you if you disrespect it that badly.
    All compromises considered, it's a very good bike for a 125cc.
    Some people still think it's even the best 125cc sportsbike out there, over all :D

    On the other hand, take it to a Superbike Track Day Event, and, pitted against 600cc+ Superbikey's, it will definitely be "All show and no go". Yup!
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    It's a great bike! I am 29 and was having a lot of fun riding it! Gone back to a scooter though but do miss the r125!
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    No plus 1 For it not being just for teens
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    I got a bigger problem!

    Playstation Network is Offline and i wanna play Black ops on my day off! :'(
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    You think you've got problems. i cant ride mine. there's a knock sound coming from the right hand side where the dip stick is. she's booked in on sat. been told not to ride her till they find out whats the problem. was going to make a day of riding tomorrow..... GUTTED
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    Are you hard wired to your Broadband Router, or are you Wi-Fi connected via your PS3?
    Check to make sure your Broadband Router isn't on the blink and might need a reboot ;)
    If no, then I feel your pain :(

  10. Yea the whole PS Network has been down for something like 8 hours. Hope its up soon though. Was planning on firing up Bulletstorm later.
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    Ouch! That's unusual, hope your bike will be okay and it's nothing serious :)
    Better safe than sorry though. Were you keeping an eye on the oil levels?
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    No, you dont understand,

    My bikes in the garage for the past 3 days = no bike for hot days + long weekend

    No Playstation network either = Bored out my head

    Pay day is NEXT week so kinda broke =

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    Pop it round and I'll have a gander for you...
    Your all but 5minutes away...
  14. Firefly

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    I see what you mean. Jeez! All at once.
    Bummer, that :'(
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    im 40 and got one " and loving it "why should all the teenagers have all the fun lol
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    Yeah, all fair points Firefly:)

    My point is one you can't deny though. The R125 is sized like a bigger bike, with the panels to match, but underneath there's just a little 125cc motor. This promotes the saying ''all show, no go''

    Now don't get me wrong, I love the bike and a big part of the reason I bought one was due to the way it looked. Also, I liked the idea of learning on a pretty much full size bike, to ease the movement up the scale to a bigger engine bike when the time comes.

    There's not much point in comparing the bike to anything other than the other 125cc's, such as the faster, easily tunable (and unreliable) 2 stroke RS125 Aprillia we're all aware of, and there are many reasons we chose the R125 over one of those! lol

    I use my R125 for commuting (which it is fantastic for, usually around 100mpg) and going for a blast on the twisties. It's a great machine for learning on and it handles very well. In my short time on the bike, I've already come to be a little frustrated with it's lack of power though. Nothing that wouldn't be expected, and also nothing much different from any other 125cc bike really. The bike does pick up quite well for itself around 7-9K, but there's not enough power for safe overtaking in most situations and the 0-60 time is over 15 seconds, that's around Nissan Micra territory.

    In summary, I'm not putting a downer on our little love machines, just voicing the reality of the 125cc experience. I love the bike and I chose it for many reasons, all of which I am happy with, BUT I will be happier once I've mastered the biking techniques some more on this little puppy and moved onto a bigger bike!;)
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    i'm 41 years, have another motorcycle but use yzf r125 for home to work and work for home. 2 wheel is in spirit or you have or you don't have it. i have 12/15 years far from 2 wheel and return with 38 years with a yzf r125.
    the first 5000km you drive the motorcycle after that the motorcycle will drive you :)
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    This is why the sexbox nails the PS3. :)
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  20. is the bike really that slow?

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