is the r125 just for teens!!!

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by taron, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Looking for a speed thing u can rag out i say you go for the Aprillia or the Cagiva,

    Want an all round bike, reliable, looks etc go for the R125.

  2. no not at all, dont want something unreliable as the whole point in seliing the car is to save money, and having a bike needing too much attention wont solve that. i dont want to be the fastest thing on the road, but going from a car to a bike even though my car is a 1.4 it can easily get to 60 and beyond! and theres no way i could live down being beaten off the line or overtaken by a micra! they are the cars i currently turn my nose up at in my audi! s
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    Nah, unfortunately it ain't exactly the fastest thing on the road, although everything feels faster on a bike!:cool:

    I drive a 2.2vtec honda and it does 0-60 in under 7secs, so the bike is nothing compared to that, but it's a great start into biking! Probably the best money can buy;)
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    Um, let's see. I weigh under 13 stone, despite my sometimes portly appearance (depends when there is a full moon), and as i've said quite a few times, i'm pretty much the bikers equivalent of a WUSS. So's, how on Earth do I manage to pull away from all the traffic on the A406, when the lights change at the IKEA cross roads? Yeah, sure, anyone in a Porsche 911 (or lesser, yet powerful 2.0 litre thingy), trying to take off with the pedal to the metal will leave me for dead. (But wait, It's a bike with 14.6bhp, still quick off the mark against 100 bhp cars!!)
    But so far, that hasn't happened, and very few cars ever leave me standing from take off. Personal experience - i'm not fibbing guys.
    Now, in all fairness, I have never measured the 0 - 60 mph times on my R125, but, in on a commute, in urban environment, when am I ever trying to burn to 60 mph faster than everyone else? Especially when i'm restricted to 30, 40 and 50 mph for different parts of my journey? Most of MY commute for a example, on the A406, is done in a 40 mph restriction area. 0 - 40 mph not only keeps up with the traffic, I leave most of them behind. In fact, to keep my bike at 40 mph, I have to rein her in, as she'll happily belt along to 50 mph, before it hits "Max Q" (Google that - it's a reference to the Space Shuttle's lift off sequence, that I use in jest) :oops:.
    That's NOT heresy, as I even have a video to prove it (No, it's not on YouTube :rolleyes:).
    (But wait, It's a bike with 14.6 bhp, still quick off the mark against 100 bhp cars!!)
    So, in the real world, you'd practically LEAVE a Nissan Micra for dead. (0 - 60 mph is actually 14.5seconds for the R125 - not too shabby for 125cc actually). ;)
    Oh, and one more thing, I still have 30 miles to go, before my bike is run in. Yes, that's with me keeping the revs to 8,000 rpm max.

    It's not as slow as your average 30 mph moped - but you WILL give cars on your commute a run for their money, especially IF your bike has passed the first stage of run in - which stipulates that you should keep the revs at 6,000 rpm max, or lower, for 300 miles.
    During that period, you will see lots of others bikes leaving you for dead, and forget acceleration times for that period.

    Slow, it ain't.
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    I respect everything you said Kolnai, because you're equally right ;).
    I was sold on the design of the R125 too - I was going to get a CBR125 - then I saw the R125, and the rest is history.
    Yes, there are times i've wished it would go even faster than it already does :eek:. But that's very naughty on my part :oops:.
    I haven't actually had the pleasure of legally riding at 60 mph yet, because none of my urban routes allow me such indulgence ;).
    However, at 40 mph, I can overtake whatever I want. As long as they stay between 40 - 45 mph. I do it all the time (smacking my own wrists here).
    And no, you're not putting the R125 down. You're telling it like it is too!! :p
    T'is a fine Filly, that Bike...Aarrrr!!
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  6. Buy it and enjoy, i did.
    Made my choice last August did my CBT having not been on a bike for 30+ years, got my brand new R125 1st September just done over 2.5k miles commuting through winter saved a packet.
    Costing £35 - £40 a week for fuel in the car just to get to work. Got rid of the car now costing me that a month for fuel, £100 insurance (yes £100 a year) and £15 TAX need I say more. Cut my journey time down by three quarters and never late for work these days.
    Dont worry about people taking the p**s, all I have had is respect and thats mainly from other bikers. If you ride it with respect, dont be a knob head like I have seen some kids on the road you cant go wrong.
    By the way I turned 49 in February this year, when I park up and take the helmet off I can get some strange looks but mainly thumbs up.
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  7. 1 question is who is your insurer!
  8. Firefly

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    I'm with Lexham Insurance, they seem to do good and realistic deals on the YZF-R125. They're actually recommended by Yamaha Dealers. I've been with them since I bought my Bike in October 2008 :). I'm sure other forum members might have other insurance companies to suggest to you.
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    Lexham, here, too. I think it's a little bit tight how they quote me a year's insurance, then say 'can you pay it in one payment?' 'no, miss. can i not do monthly?' 'yes, but it'll be in the form of a loan...'

    Basically, I was told that in order to pay monthly, I am paying off a loan I took out with them to pay the insurance off in one payment. :S 25% interest but I don't give a ************, 'cos £800 a year fully comp. at 18 was nearly £900 cheaper than ym next quote. :) Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  10. im 32 so not quite a teen but really enjoy riding it daily to work and for pleasure and i drive a civic type r.
    went to a local bike night last week and kept with the other guy i went with. he has a 600 but on the bendy roads i out handle him
  11. Firefly

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    And I'm a living fossil at 50 years old myself. I drive a Mazda MX-3 Sports Coupe, but I find the lure of my YZF-R125 increasingly irresistible, so it's usually my commute mode to work. I'm still riding on last years tank of fuel! That's how economical it is, though with a 4.4 mile commute each way, I suppose I'm probably using 25p of fuel for my total commute ;)

    The R125 is both addictive and really cheap to refuel. The perfect bike for these economic austerity times :D
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    20mi round trip to university, 11 to work. Then there's my hours ride or so each way before and after. :p

  13. Its not who you are with but how you buy it and how strong is your bargaining power.

    Before buying my trusty steed did all the searches also got an offer from my yam dealer – free insurance for 12 months or £300 towards clothing etc.

    Anyway call me old fashioned but I use a broker that I have for years when I need anything he comes round sorts it out job done. My bargaining power is in the fact that I already have shed loads of different policies with him; I probably have paid his mortgage for several years.

    Regarding cover you are probably looking at fully comp, if you are getting the bike on finance most will insist on this but watch out for the excess. Insurers write bikes off these days if you even squash a fly on the screen then cream off your excess payment. If are confident in your riding capabilities and ride safe why not go TPFT. If the unfortunate happens parts are readily available if you search and repairs easy to do yourself.

    My yam dealer said when I went in to sign for the bike with my proof of insurance that he could sell ten R125’s a day if everybody got my insurance deal. Hence i took the clothing offer.
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    I rode from home down to Brighton yesterday, to spend the bank holiday weekend with the girlfriends parents, about 65miles. Did another 75 today going for a decent ride in the local area, from Brighton to Worthing, then up to Cowfold and along the A272 past Haywards Heath, down to Lewes and back across to Brighton. Only used up the first bar on the fuel gauge too.

    The bike performed very well for what it is, and I managed to get 81 out of her down hill on the A27 dual carrige way. Over took a fair few cars between 40-65mph on the country roads. The bike can do it, but you need to be careful selecting your over take point. As the bike doesn't have a huge amount of poke, you need a good, clear bit of open road to overtake safely.

    Rather ironically, a ************ in a red Nissan Micra was messing with me on a mini roundabout that takes you onto one of the slip roads onto the A27. I absolutley rinsed the little ************er on my way down the slip road, which was satisfying, but he over took me once on the carrige way where the bike ran out of steam around 75mph:rolleyes:

    Overall this bike is absolutely fantastic! and I wouldn't change it for another learner legal 125cc. It's great fun and very forgiving, lacking any major power to get you into trouble, but enough to fly through the twisties at speed and get the bike lent over, doing it all for a few pennies per mile!

    Oh, and I'm also with Lexham, they seem to be very good by all accounts so far. Mr.White, you'll always pay a little more for monthly payments, they're not just going to loan you the money for free mate! lol;)

  15. is it worth buying brand new? or are these bikes reliable second hand? (obviously it relys on the previous owner)! but looking online and the depreciation in value of these bikes have made me think twice and made me look more into the used arena to get my r125! as i know nothing about bikes just wondered if it was wise, or who on here has got their bike used and is a success!
  16. Kolnai

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    I bought mine second hand mate. Paid 2K for a red and White 2008 with 203 genuine miles on the clock. Did a 900 mile round trip up to Scotland and back to get that bargain though!

    The bikes are very reliable and treated well will give tens of thousands of trouble free riding. Obv things like service history and doing a hpi check (including checking for outstanding finance) are essential when buying second hand. Don't be afraid of buying one with 5-7K on the clock, they can be had for £1500 upwards and will be no trouble as long as they've been cared for.
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  18. Kolnai

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    Repost, stupid phone!
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    Well i an 46 going to be 47 next week got my r125 this year did my CBT and have loved every min of riding it.Went on a long trip to pick it up but there are some good deals out there.Pay 102 20 for insurance fully comp for the year.Takes a bit of time to get use to riding again as i was only riding a honda zoomer twist and go before i got the R.
    Go for it

  20. yh there definately is some deals out there, ive seen 09s 010s for around 2 which would even allow me to save money. does the mileage really matter if the bike has been taken care of? some ppl tell me 10k is too much some say its ok!

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