is the r125 just for teens!!!

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    Go for the cream of the crop, private sellers out there who had the R125 bought for them, (for example, a husband or boyfriend trying to get his wife / girlfriend into biking, but she ultimately doesn't take to it). These will be bikes barely run in, which despite their age have spent most of their time standing around doing nothing.
    Case in point - My 58 plate "Wasp" bought brand new with 570 miles on the clock right NOW.
    Almost 3 years use and I haven't run it in yet. Peoples circumstances change, and they finally wave goodbye to their R125, which they've barely touched for a wide range of reasons.
    Regardless of age, these bikes are GOLD. If for example, for health reasons, I had to sell MY R125 (say, because insurance would no longer cover me for something I should NOT be riding with), who ever gets to buy MY R125 will be a very lucky person indeed. It's even had it's first service, even though it hasn't reached 600 miles yet!

    I am sure there are other bikes out there, in the same approximate as mine, which can be purchased privately for good money. Keep looking, and yes, it IS a good idea :)

  2. definately am looking more at the used market now, although i have a friend at yamaha who can do me a deal for a new one, but unless its too good to turn down then a used one is for me.
    ive seen an 2010 one with a few scratches to tip of exhaust and side panel for 2200. if its had a fall is it something i should stay well away from~?
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    Not at all. At 4 grand you'd hope they're built to be able to take a drop. If it's been sent somersaulting down the road, though...

  4. not a chance you have to pay for s**tbox live

  5. back on topic this is the ultimate commuter bike. Im 32 and had one for 2 years no regrets. work and back 12 miles daily from new still loving every minute
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    Search eBay for your panels, buddy. Or on here. Don't go paying £60 for an exhaust cap - I was lucky enough to get one from a kind forum member.
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    r125 is not for teens only.
    its for people of all ages who loves to learn about
    -modify engine
    -tune engine

    im 34 years old and i love tinkering/experimenting with the engine
    to maximize its potential.

    its like why does oldies loves monkeybikes or other 50cc bikes?
    they spend several thousands of aftermarket parts with the 50cc bike.
    the answer is its fun to mod the engine.

    the same thing with R125, fun to modify and learn tuning the engine
    without spending too much.
    PLUS you can use it as your daily commuter bike, economically friendly in gas.

    BIGBIKES are good, but can you modify it without spending thousand dollars?
    can you run it with just a liter of gasoline?
    you can maximize the speed due to speed limit.

    R125 does everything. bigbike look, maximize the speed limit, economically and fun :D

  8. I think this is because the R125’s 0-60 is slow but it’s 0-30 isn’t, so when you leave lights, you can beat most cars off the line however you would not beat most cars to a full 60. I overtook a lorry yesterday, uphill, lorry was probably doing 45-50 and I got around him nice and safely because I had open road and carried a lot of speed up behind him (rather than having to accelerate around him, I simply maintained pace around him). However, I do find that I very often have the throttle literally pinned on the stop and I do feel like I often ride it like a race bike (as in I ride it above 6k all the time and river dance on the shift lever to ensure this remains the case) which probably means I will want a bigger bike at some point.

    To answer Taron’s question directly: You are definitely not “too old” for this bike and it’s definitely not a “teenager’s bike” either (it’s not a toy to be ridden in shorts and flip flops either, I had an indicated 76mph out of it yesterday – doesn’t matter what you fall off at 76mph whether it’s an R1 or an R125, it’s gonna sting) – you are dead right about how accessible this bike is as far as tax/insurance and CBT only required – a 600 would cost you a lot more time and a hell of a lot more money to get on the road. Nobody has asked what your background is. If this is your first bike then it’s the right bike for you. However, if you spent your childhood racing motocross then you will find this slow. It sounds like this is the first bike you’ve had, if that’s the case, get the R125 because of all the reasons above and because it’s less likely to kill you, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll learn how to ride safely on a bike that’s easy to ride. Also, if it’s your first bike, you’ll be shocked at how “fast” it is, the first time you give it some the acceleration off the mark will make you think you couldn’t handle much more and the sensation of speed that you can only get on a bike will make you glad you didn’t buy a rocket to learn on. My opinion is that anybody who does one of those quick “7 days training and your test” DAS courses aren’t safe on an unrestricted bike if they haven’t had prior riding experience. Riding a bike is a lot more technical than driving a car for many reasons which I won’t list here, if you jump straight on an aggressive handful of a bike when you are green, you’d better make sure you get your affairs in order before every ride.

    My advice would be to tell your mates that you checked out all your options and the time and money involved in getting a 600 is ridiculous so you are getting an R125 for a run about with a view to upgrading when you have some bike no claims built up.
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  9. very thorough and wise response, yes indeed it is my first ever ride, as in im jumping out of a car onto a motorbike which i have no experience what so ever apart from when i do my cbt! thus thinking the cbt is not exactly experience to be confident on a big bike, so i am definately after a 125, which once i sold my car i can use the money to buy it brand new!
    thanks for the response mate
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    i love the 'river dance' on the shift lever to keep it above 6k! xD

  11. cheers mate but decided not go for it, if the bike i do end up getting needs one il b sure to hit u up
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    Lovely post there, Firefly!

    Get the R125, when you feel you want it, buy the 182 kit. That won't disappoint you.

  14. Get the R125, you wont regret it for a second. I bought mine last may, already put about 3.3k miles, mostly commuting and once a week just fun ride for a bit over an hour, not so much lately obvioously cuz its freezing. Im 190cm tall which is almost 6ft3, so u will be perfectly fine, i was going to buy cbr125, i just love the repsol graphics, went to dealership to check it out, sat on it, and cbr felt so tiny, skinny, low, in the mirror i looked funny on such a small bike. then i saw they had the yummy, sat on it, felt perfect, and being tall means having long hands so when u r lane splitting or something u can sit pretty straight even tho handlebars are low and see further. and it accelerates a little faster than cbr, plus for 6ft2 its better due to heigher seat, also it looks like much bigger bike as long as u dont have the dacals saying R125 on it. i dont, had a little accident, a van reversed into front of my bike at lights, had to change all fairings and mudguard. one the plus side i got a lot of money from insurance and didnt spend all of it or repairs. honestly, if you are tall, over 6ft basically and want a sporty beginner bike, R125 is the best choice by far. i love mine its whit with loads of red/yellow stickers, i may have overdone it with stickers a bit, but its my bike and to it looks sooooo sexy with scorpion exhaust too
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  15. well im chronologically an old git, but i never really grew up so i guess it kind of is, like anyone who buys a sports car or anything like that, its usually due to that little 10 year old screaming at you from the inside reminding you to remember to still have fun! just because its a smaller engined bike doesnt mean it cant look the dogs and why should it be that something that looks so damn cool should be restricted to teens.

    im 30 some odd years old and ive ridden bigger bikes in the past, but these days i dont need a bigger bike, nor really can i afford one so these bikes give me the chance to have something that still looks stunning but is a solidly built, reliable, cheap to run commuter, see how sensible and adult that sounds! :p i can even start whittering on about tax and environmental savings and such if we need a miserable old bugger to be the older face of the R125 :p

    one thing i will say though is that it may not be the ideal first bike for someone, although that could be said of other more race styled and 2 stroke bikes too, but then i started out on an RG125 so i cant say anything really

  16. I agree with everyone else on this thread, the YZF R125 is a great looking bike and no matter what age you are these bikes are awesome!! I'm 34 and I recently bought a YZF R125 as my 1st bike. :cool:

  17. ohhhh its for everyone even a old people, btw i am 28 and in september i start my 5 year on r125, great bike

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