Italkit 125cc Kit Performance??

Discussion in 'WR125X WR125R Discussions' started by Pedro Veiga, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, has anyone installed the italkit 125cc (same measures as original) on theyr bike?

    I've blown my engine and had that kit installed (among other parts, all original), and my wr has no strenght to do more than 105km/h...
    I don't know if the problem is the cylinder kit itself that cant produce more power, or if it was the mechanic who rebuild my engine that did something wrong and doesnt know how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance for your replies
  2. Blazer

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    The engine from new is tight and 65 mph or 105 km/h is actually respectable, it's common for a brand new engine to struggle in sixth gear until it has warn in. You could lower the gearing to give extra acceleration and help the bike pull better in 6th gear, but the revs would be yery high over 60 mph - 95 km/h, which would be bad for an engine that needs running in.

  3. Oh sry, you're right, but i've forgot to mention that i've done more than 3000 km on the bike since, and I had the oil changed after 1000km as i was told to... the problem is that i get no power from the bike on 5th and 6th gear, and 4th is not as powerfull as it was prior to the problem.
    This week a friend of mine got a wr with 22000km, and i can go with him in 1st 2nd and 3rd, but from 4th onward, he just leaves me behind like im in my old 50cc aerox :/
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    The engine will still be a little tight and will struggle to pull the higher gears for quite a while, if you have the wrx then swapping the rear sprocket for a 57 tooth one will help, if you have a wrr then fitting a 55 tooth sprocket would will work best.

  5. But is it normal to be so tight that i can barely reach 105km? the bike used to do 120km easily, and used to max at 128km....
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    When i bought my bike second hand with around 5000 miles roughly 8050 kilometers, it wouldn't pull in 6th gear the bike would actually slow down and 65 mph/105 km/h in 5th was the maximum i could get at the time. I fitted a 55 tooth rear sprocket to the bike and 6th gear still didn't really pull, but it did keep the speed up. After riding for a while 6th gear started to pull harder. Your mates wr will be getting close to when these engines really start to open up fully, which is usually at around 25750 km, obviously some bikes will open up sooner, especially if the bike has ever run low on oil. If my bike had only done 4000 km - 2500 miles when i bought it, then i suspect it may have struggled in 5th as well. Best thing to do is just keep riding for a while and you should feel it starting to pull better in 4th then 5th and finally sixth. I haven't actually ridden a brand new wr 125 before so hopefully someone else will have done and be able to help answer your question better.

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