jinlun 50cc pink for sale

Discussion in 'For sale' started by SnYp3r, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    Well are you interested need it gne i can send again just let me kno need it gne by end of the month at latest
  2. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    Have u got an email adress and ill send pics to that
  3. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    Hi, were are you located?
    Also, can I have some more photos please?

    Either post them on here if you can, or send them to 0780 128 1415 OR email them to cameron.fisher@live.com
  4. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    Based in birmingham and yes ill send some now

  5. julieworswick@hotmail.co.uk. the misses's e-mail address. thanks mate.
  6. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    So are you interested?
  7. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    you're a bit pushy, mate. calm down.
  8. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    Need it gone asap As im moving soon

  9. the misses isnt interested mate sorry.
  10. SnYp3r

    SnYp3r Member

    Fair enuf

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