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  1. Does anyone know if my rear L Plate has to be fixed to the bike or can I attach it to my backpack I wear whilst riding instead?

    I use my WR125R for green laning and pretty much every time I'm out my L plate ends up getting torn up by my rear tyre. Have tried a flexi plate but the same has happened to that too.

    Or if you have any other suggestions??
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    Legally it has to be fixed to rear of bike. If you had it on your back pack it is unlikely that you would be stopped and, even if you were, it would be unreasonable and out of proportion to receive anything more than words of advice/verbal warning as you would have been complying with the spirit of the law.

  3. Ok, cheers for that! I'm going to see if I can make some sort of bracket to attach to my tail tidy that will angle out slightly so it will miss the tyre when I go over bumps. Hopefully that will solve the problem.
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    I used to have that problem with the original tail, the nobbles would touch the L plate and rip it off. I also found that at high speed on dual carriageways the L plate was getting sucked into the tyre and it would wear a half moon shape in the bottom of the plate. I now have mine mounted on the swing arm using one of the screws that hold the brake line in place and some angled brackets. I now have an evo tec tail tidy fitted which is more angled, so the L plate will be fine if i fit it back on the tail, but i do like the look of it on the swing arm better.

    A few weeks ago i managed to wedge my bike between a large tree branch and mud bank breaking the L plate off.:rolleyes:
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  5. Yeah, the same happened with mine being sucked into the tyre on my last ride. Was going at speed on the way to the lanes then all of a sudden hear this loud grinding type of noise, had to pull over and my mate pulls up behind laughing his head off coz he watched me jump when it started.

    Haha I can see the same happening to mine if I attached it to the swing arm too... Have managed to find a semi-rigid L today and have ordered a smaller flexi reg plate which should arrive tomorrow. 7 x 5" so not road legal, but all the other lads I go out with have the smaller plates and we've never been stopped in the past.

    Also made a bracket out of a corner bracket that I've bent so it angles out from the tyre (rounded the edges too, incase it catches to avoid any flatties), so should miss it in future when I'm going over bumps. Hopefully will last a while longer this time!
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