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  1. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Just put link to sites that sell levers for this model.
    motopike wrote:

    I will also be making Factory Racing folding levers for the R125 for the Spring. Higher spec and cheaper due to my lower overheads.
    similar to these...http://www.motopike.com/index.php?route ... uct_id=386

    forum discount of 10% will apply


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  2. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    ASV will try to make adaption of exist ASV lever model to fit in YZF R125.
    They only need good pictures of levers standart and master cylinder brake or a damage/old levers standart.
    copy of the email from they:
    Miguel, we don't currently carry that bike here in the US so ASV doesn't
    have an application for it. If you would like to please send me photographs
    of your Clutch Perch Assembly and Brake Master cylinder setup ASV would be
    more than happy to make an educated guess to see if I have something.

    Logan Wild
    ASV Inventions/ Universal Engineering
    16421 Gothard St. Ste. A
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
    Phone 714-861-1400 Ext. 100
    Fax 714-861-1408
    Follow us on Facebook

  3. im game for these mate if you do them in a nice red not that shinny metal pinky red lol
  4. Kolnai

    Kolnai Member

    Thanks to L-J-P we should have levers available from TITAX soon -



    Lol, I know what you mean about that 'pinky' red Tundoy, it looks real naff doesn't it! That's why I won't be putting red fairing bolts on my red and white '08! :x
  5. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Yamaha Levers for YZF R15 maybe they fit in R125 too
    Original accessories from Yamaha To R15

  6. naff is an understatment mate just a nice metalic stainless will do me lol
  7. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

  8. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    and this is for FZ150 i try to order lets see the price and if this will fit.
  9. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    no one have a damage lever ?

  10. R125 adjustable folding lever protoypes are complete and tested; will be in stock next year.
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  11. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    Now THAT, my friend, is FRESH!
    May be investing in some if the cost is reasonable... Any idea on what it might be?
  12. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    They look good, I am also in contact with evo tech performance who may be interested in making levers for our bike!

  13. £57 each or I can probably do a set for £90 for forum members
    all machined out of billet 6061-T6 and spare lever blades available separately if they get damaged


  14. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Are these the only colours?
  15. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    Yeah, that Red is very pink :p

  16. black only with various adjusters. Probably silver or black as options. Its good to have them bright red so theyre easy to spot and adjust when on the move
  17. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    I like red and black, I want red and black!
    They are a bit pink though, aren't they? :p

  18. definately pinker than the red of the yam. but still red. Red anodising is difficult to control

  19. definitely up for a set of them for around the £90 mark, look sweeeet
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  20. Also!!

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