Lots Of R125 Panels Needed

Discussion in 'Wanted / Looking For' started by Matthew Strangwood, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Okay so I got high sided a few weeks ago and pretty much destroyed my baby I've been give some prices for some parts I need, just wondering if anyone can beat these prices ?

    white nose cone for 120
    Front right infill panels 15
    Clock mount 25
    Full rear break system £25 (only need lever)
    Mirrors 15
    Right bar 15
    Right Light £25
    Rear right panel 20
    Right Boomerang 20
    Right Indicator panel 20
    Right Belly pan 10
    Right peg 10

    Colours don't matter as I'll get them sprayed
    Cheers all ! Nods

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