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Discussion in 'Other Bikes Discussions' started by jay2k, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    Still wouldn't buy as everyone knows the quality of italian building. It hasn't got the greatest reputation for past motors or bikes. So in all honesty if I was buying it would either be Yamaha or Honda. If not them two it would be the triumph. I would never. And I mean a big never touch an italian build.
  2. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    Sorry to shoot you down again bud, but ours is italian also.
    The engine isn't made by Yamaha, it's a Minarelli, which is probably the same one in the new RS125.
  3. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Piece of crap most probably. I swapped my RS 125 for the Yam R125 I have now. Never looked back. Best thing I ever did.

    Aprilia's are a nightmare. Okay so this new one isnt a 2 smoker but I still wouldnt trust it. The RS 125 has been a ticking time bomb for all the many years its been in production and apart from change the fairing plastics theyve never done bugger all about the fact its built like an old shed. I wouldnt trust Aprilia with their new 4 stroke at all.

    And this time they really have made the plastics horrible!!! Looks like it would hurt to sit on it. :confused:

  4. [​IMG]

    Yeah, this looks like a piece of italian crap to me lol.

    Are you crazy!?
  5. TBAD-WR125X

    TBAD-WR125X Member


    mate had one was awesome bike, faster then a r125, looks better, lights are better, body positioning better, tyres bigger and better, easy to get knee down. Fuel injection, can get a tail tidy, led lights and xenon bulbs at the front standard. upside forks are awesome rear suspension very nice too, nice underseat comparment, and its not a two stroke it wont break. i vehad race rs125's before and they dont brake if you look after them
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  6. Your a very ignorant rider if you won't touch a Italian bike, some of the best bikes are Italian! And for so much that Italian bikes always break and are not reliable, you should read up before making comments that belong in the 80s and 90s, some Ducati models now have longer service intervals than some Japanese equivalents! All thanks to recent mechanic advancements
  7. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    The Aprilia RS4 has killed the RS series for sure.

    It looks horrible and its the slowest 125 on the road.

    The only decent thing is the quick-shift.

    But thats only untill it breaks like everything Aprilia does.

    Heres a review you will find helpful...


  8. Personally I think it looks like an epic bike. Never ridden one but the picture above looks really good!

    If this one turns out to be reliable I would possibly buy one. Lots of extras as standard!

    But I would wait a while and see if there are complaints.
  9. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Complaints? - Oh there will be. ;)
  10. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Just cut this directly from Aprilia:

    Aprilia RS4 125
    Price/on sale: From £3,999/now
    Power/torque: 14.8bhp @ 10,500rpm/8.6lb ft @ 8,000rpm
    Top speed: 65mph
    Fuel tank/range: 3.2 gallons/270 miles

    65 MPH top speed? :eek: Really? That fast? Damn i gotta get one... NOT.

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