not displaying front 'L' plate...........??

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by Mickey, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    Does anyone not display a front 'L' plate??
    Ever been pulled for not having one?

    The reason i ask is mine was stuck on my screen which i have now replaced with a double bubble and dont want to put another one on. I hated having it on the screen and the hard plastic ones on the front forks looks hideous. I realize i am breaking the law, and i know the consequences of not having one on the front, so please dont lecture me about the law...:p
  2. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    got a sticky one on the mudguard. if you look at the bike from standing/in a car, you can see it.
  3. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    I have a white bike, and I just cut my L out and stuck it on to the right hand side of the bike...

  4. You're a learner rider. If you don't like it, take your test.
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  5. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    My brother has got my bike and he is on L's I've got a dark tint screen he just tucks it behind that, you can barely see it, but atlases it's displayed and not ruining the look
  6. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    Why does someone always come up with a cocky remark like this? it seems that people who have taken their test think they are better than us.....Everyone rides on a CBT whether it was just while you were doing your test training or until it expired. I dont see people with L plates as 'learners' as we all learn to ride on our CBT, we are meerly improving on what we have learnt.
    provisional or full licence we all ride for the same reasons......

    here's why i havent taken my test yet....
    i am planning to next year. I was out of work for about 3yrs (apart from the odd bit of cash in hand) and my dad was getting up at 4am to take me to my new job that i started 4months ago. As i had an old 2T that was in bits i decided to get that repaired and take my cbt again, as it was the quickest, easiest and cheapest solution to my dad getting up earlier than he needed too. My 2t was not repaired properly, although it was running, it needed another rebuild. So i decided to buy a r125 which i wanted since they were first released and loved it since the day i got it.
  7. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    you will always got that sort of people one i do not see anything wrong with riding on lplate it's upto each other if they want to pass there test
    do not let worry you some of them cannot buy a bike are own 1 they on foot patrol:)
  8. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    I dont display any l plates and have never been directly pulled ofr it just for speeding and they have never said anything about them
  9. adam clucas

    adam clucas Member

    I would personally just put it on the mudguard or on your screen. Yehh you might never get caught not displaying it but i wouldn't take the risk, the police only need the slighest reason to pull a biker over and are more than happy to do someone for the smallest thing. Especially us because it looks like we are riding a 600 on L's:p. Check out the MCN website, loads of stuff of bikes being pulled for roadside MOT's and stuff... Just my opinion but I wouldn't take the risk.
  10. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    well i have been riding for 2 years and never said a word about it and when I get pulled for my number plate being too small they just say can you change it please and send me on my way

  11. I certainly don't look down on learner riders, I nod to them as I would anyone else. However, the issue is that it is a legal requirement to display them. A learner is just that, he or she has never passed their test. If this is not an issue for people such as you, then whats the problem with displaying L plates properly. I understand it detracts from the look of a bike which looks like a proper 600cc sports bike. The only reason I can think of why people dont display them properly or not at all is that they are embarressed.
  12. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    We are not embarresed at all Its plain and simple it ruins your paint if stuck on and if they fall of or get broken you get a ticket for it being damaged or for just having 1 and If you dont have a yzf r125 or similar 125 why are you on this forum
  13. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    I too am not embarrassed by displaying L plates, i just think it ruins the looks of the bike, i dnt mind the one on my plate. Finding a place on the front that doesnt ruin the looks of the bike or damage the paint is hard. Ive spent nearly £200 on making it look nicer so far only to have it ruined by L plates....i dont think so!!
  14. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    let's not get back into the 'no bike, no forum' argument. this is an open forum about the various R125s. i wouldn't risk not putting it on. yes, it does distract from the look of the bike, and people who know of these things may well not be impressed, but so what? people should look to pass their test any way. lower insurance, and peace of mind that you're actually safer now than you were when you took your CBT 23 months ago, motorways, pillions, no Ls. seems logical to me that anyone wanting to stick on the bike should try to get the test done.
  15. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    i think that's just a stupid response. you should put one on, so there's no real argument. if it's snapped off then fair enough, but try talking your way out of the job's-worth that's pulled you for not displaying one. 'sorry, mate, it just looks stupid and people don't nod at me with them on...' come on, mate. you're asking for fines and points. you'll also draw more attention to the bike. no L plate? what about the baffle for your exhaust? what about tyre tread, smart Alec? etc., etc.

  16. A flexible L plate will sit just fine behind the screen will it not?
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  17. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    It maybe a stupid response but what im trying to get at is if i use a stick on one, when i do my test and take it off, i risk damaging the paint or leaving a horrible mess. As the rear one is bolted to the plate the only damage done is 2 small holes in the plate. Paint work is expensive to sort out. As for having no baffle in the exhuast...i have the standard exhaust on but planning to get a scorp which i WILL leave the baffle in, i feel it can do more harm than good. Tyre tread? now thats just stupid, thats a safety issue, i really am not stupid enough to ride with bold tyres. Im an all weather rider. Not changing my tryes when they should be changed could be the difference between riding and not riding again.

    You go on about the sure your not thinking about points, fines or driving ban when you speed??
  18. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    Screen is now blue wont really be vbisible but im still breaking the law by doing that, it will have to be cut down, will it not?
  19. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    I was just wondering as it seems abit pointless being on here lol
  20. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    mate if you want to ride with out l's do it I do if i get pulled ill pay the fine I dont care thats why I work hard for so I have money to literally burn and as for points they dont give you points that only applys to cars

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