Replacing Headlight Bulbs

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  1. bishreds

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    Hi guys,

    I read few posts and figured out that I need H7's if I were to replace my headlight bulbs. I've decided to get Philips Xenon bulbs and am hoping to put them on Tomorrow.
    I need some advice on how to go about replacing the bulbs. I read the manual and it simple said "take the Bike to the Dealer to replace bulbs" :(.

    Is it hard to replace the bulbs? or simple as removing couple of bolts?


  2. kennyyzf

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    I've not changed the bulbs on my yamaha as yet although I plan to do so at some point. But when I had my Honda cbr125 all you needed to do was pull the plastic rubber protector back and it was just a clasp that you had to release then the whole bulb would be pulled out.

    I don't know if it's any different with the yamma tho. If I have to phone into work 2moro because of this bloody snow I'll have a check on my bike for you m8.

    Maybe someone who has changed there bulbs will be able to tell you tho.

    The gd bit about the yamma is that the front is alot easier to access than the cbr. The cbr was such a thin bike and they crammed so much into the front that it was a long and painful experience just changing the bulbs lol.
  3. bishreds

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    Thanks for the quick reply Mate :).

    I replaced the two little bulbs on corners. They were easy to replace. Pull out the rubber connector and replace the bulbs and slide them back in. I put White LED's for them. Looks good. And that's the main reason I want to replace the Headlights. Yellow lights = OLD!

    I will have a look it tonight. But When I looked at it Yesterday, I just couldn't work out what to remove to replace the headlights!

    I'll wait for few other replies :).
  4. kevshek

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    I done mine awhile back, cant remember if im honest but its no harder than a car headlight, just fiddly.

  5. Rubber cap off.
    Metal retainer clip unclipped.
    Remove bulb and connector cap.



    Fiddly job if you aint' got skinny fingers.
  6. bishreds

    bishreds Member

    Hi guys,
    Thanks very much for the info.

    Just fitted some new bulbs (couple of hours ago).

    Got Philips H7 bulbs.

    HIgh Beam Bulb was quite fiddly to replace. The metal bracket took at least 15 minutes of stuffing around. I've got big hands, so it was quite painful to stuff my hand in to the bracket area. But all is well, got the bulbs replaced and they look fab. Got the Park Lights replaced too. Got white LED's for those. Will put some Pics of the entire bike on my Blog in the next couple of days.

    Cheers :).
  7. dean93

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    If I'll put only the Diamond Vision 5000K for mine with the original sidelights how this would be, yellow with white?
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