revs dropping wtf???

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by Turkoloco, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Turkoloco

    Turkoloco Member

    this morning something weird happened, normally when i start up my bike, it will first jump to approx. 2200 rpm, then drop to 1300-1400, today i done its normal fuss of jumping but then dropped to below 1k, then cut out... then it wouldn't start up... mind you this is in neutral... any ideas what it could be?
  2. jamieb7109

    jamieb7109 Member

    MIne keeps doing the same, mine started doing it after a service so im taking back into Yamaha tomoz see what they think
  3. mrjames82

    mrjames82 Member

    If you look in the manual you can adjust the idle speed. Maybe that will help?
  4. Turkoloco

    Turkoloco Member

    the problem is the idle speed is normally fine, it normally hovers around 1300/1400, but in this particular situation, it didnt maintain its idle speed, it just dropped like as if it was shot in the heart and was saying its farewell. No use giving him water, he's still dieng.
  5. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    this happened to me twice but i just restart it and keep the revs up for a few seconds then its fine x
  6. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    Did you stall it orignially first? Leave the kick stand down going into first?

  7. this happend to me a while back it would start then cut out i had an iridium plug at the time, i changed the plug to a new one and is been fine since
  8. Turkoloco

    Turkoloco Member

    nope didnt stall it before that, dont think i did anyway, i remember it stalling once and that was because the revs dropped. and after that it didnt respond to me :?
  9. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    check your spark plug, its most likely to be that.

    ps. im also turkish :mrgreen: incase u didnt know :p

  10. I had a similar problem last night, although it happened to me when I put the bike into 1st gear with the clutch still in, the revs slowly wound down past idle till the bike cut out. Turning it back on a second time it was sounding a bike sick, I thought it was a combination of not using it for nearly a month, I've not ridden it since I gave it a full oil change and that it was quite cold.

    Anyway, I turned it back on for a third time and gave it plenty of revs to get it going and it seemed to recover ok, I rode it steady for a while and all seemed fine... it was still bugging me after I finished my ride though and when I got off the bike I'd forgot to put the side stand down and the bike toppled over into a wall. Doh! More 'character' scuffs added to my bike :roll:

    I wonder if I got a bit of ACF-50 on the spark plug also when I was spraying it around? :? It looked in good condition when I had it out.
  11. Sekay

    Sekay Member

    Did you guys let your bike warm up?
  12. mrjames82

    mrjames82 Member

    Yeah I had a similar problem, I think you need to warm it up for a decent amount of time before giving it some revs.
  13. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Mine has done this on a really really cold morning, -5 let it warm up, you can hear when it is warm enough to give revs. Then no problem, engage gear and ride on.
  14. Henal

    Henal Member

    i get this problem but thats when i try move off with a really cold engin so now i let it warm up and its all fine.

  15. hi can anyone help i have had the same issue rode from my friends house to mine around 7 miles bike was running fine until i entered my estate going around a corner in second gear the rev's dropped off i put it in first and the bike was fine then as i built up a little speed again it started to get sluggish and tried to cut out i have just put a new spark plug in 3 days ago now but has been fine since :? :? :? also topped coolant up when i put spark plug in
    any help or advice would be much appriciated

  16. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Got enough fuel, tightened everything up again when you fitted the spark plug.
  17. azz2693

    azz2693 Member

    does that same to mine on some cold and frosty mornings so if i hold the revs up to just over 2500rpm for about 20 secs then slowly bring the accelerator down to the resting point and let it warm up before i ride it, it also sounds like some of you guys had a spark plug faliure and changing it has sorted the problem :D

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