Rieju Marathon 125 Pro Sm Problem

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by Förgasarin, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Yesterday me and a friend installed xenon lights on my rieju and they lighted up perfectly but after a 10 minutes of driving my rieju died, the panel was all black and the eletric start didn't work. So i think i blew a fuse, but where´s the fusebox?

  2. Never mind, I found it, the fusebox is on the left side of the radiator near the cdi box. The fuse was broken so i replaced it and now everything is ok:) sorry for my bad english i'm finnish

  3. Could you post a picture of the fuse box near the cdi as I cant find?. I only know of the one next to the battery
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  5. I've checked the 10 fuse it's fine, replaced the item 33 relay and it still doesn't work I've checked the relay 40 has continuity and relay 20 seems blown. I'll try find a relay 20 and hope that's solves the problem
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    What problem is it that you have?, relay 20 is for the indicators. If the problem is that the bike won't start, then it could be something simple, like a loose or corroded wire on the ignition barrel or starter.

  7. There is no headlight no rearlight no indicators no horn
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    Sounds like it could be just a bad earth.

  9. I've recheck it all and found that the part the relay sits in has no earth. Anyway I'm taking it to a garage to be fixed properly

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