Rusty Disk Brake Bolts

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by brettpacuk, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. brettpacuk

    brettpacuk Member

    Im sick of my bolts on the disk brakes going rusty and now everytime i clean them they get bad very soon after,

    tried getting new ones on warrenty and no luck

    just wondering if anyone had purchased any new bolts for the disk brakes

    could really do with some as it brings the looks of the bike down a lot
  2. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Hello Brett, haven't seen you around here for a while, ayah I brought titanium bolts, they are advertised for the r6 but fit the r125, I'll try find the link.
  3. brettpacuk

    brettpacuk Member

    got new ones on warrenty today :D
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  4. you guys know any good places to get disk brake bolts because i was putting my rear disk on and snapped one of the bolts :(
  5. DW.

    DW. Member

  6. Thanks mate :D

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