Scorpion Exhaust Possibly For Sale

Discussion in 'For sale' started by stubbsy, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Im not sure any exhaust should be £400 to £500 or more.

    It seems so stupid. £100 yeah.

  2. I'm not sure any phone should be worth £500-£600 but the IPhone is! thats life!
  3. jamesyR125

    jamesyR125 Member

    Didn't buy it for 400..

    Not even 300.

    It's a nice exhaust, carbon fibre is why it's expensive.
  4. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    No iphone is £600.

    The iPhone 4s only fetches around £250 on ebay. And sells for £300 ish in cash converters and CEX high street shops etc.

    Talk about over-exaggerate.
  5. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Ah right well I guess so. Carbon fibres not cheap for most things.

    Scorpion still is still classed a budget system for the R125 though and just isnt my thing.

    I realise they are popular but thats only due to its cheap price (stainless) and the fact its easy to get.

    I prefer to see much more varied exhausts. The world gets boring when everythings the same.

    My GPR or peoples Leo Vince or Akra isnt some peoples cup of tea, but at least its something different.

    And better. ;) ;) ;)

  6. No over exaggeration at all because i was actually talking about a brand new iphone, not a second hand one. The exhaust wasn't £400-£500 second hand so that was an over exaggeration. The new Iphone is a ridiculous price on ebay, well over £500 and to buy brand new in the shop is around the £600. Thats what i was getting at.

    Like you said not everyone has the same taste. the scorp might not be your thing but it is for some people. The exhaust done me well and i liked it and i am sure other people like them. If its not your thing then i don't see why you have needed to write on this post at all!
  7. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Is it sold matey?

  8. yup sold sorry
  9. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Because it people didnt agree then a forum would hardly be a forum. A good 50% of conversation is disagreement.

    We arent all a Scorpion loving bunch of YES men.

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