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  1. Hi everyone,

    I think its about time I introduced my self i've been floating about here long enough, Im kieran AKA Mumbles (I prefer to be called Mumbles) I have dyslexia among other academic problems so please excuse my grammar.

    Anyways lets get to the point I'm an automotive sparkie by trade and I've come up with a solution to our bikes running lean (which they are, even if you haven't changed anything they leave the factory running lean to comply with emissions!! and if you've changed you exhaust and or air filter its very lean, that popping your hear from you exhaust NOT good!!) anyways it seems the only solution is a power commander or that koso fuel thing both about £300 I think, which is a lot of money more than I wanted to spend to sort out such a simple problem anyway, so I came up with a solution and its working had it on the gas analyzer at work and with just the exhaust along (full arrow system no baffle) it was running way too rich but with a k&n its was more or less perfect still slightly rich (which is much better for reliability, I've done about 4000miles on mine took it on a 1000mile trip twice no problems) and no flat spots a big difference in acceleration, but it still tops out about 73mph (speedo speed)

    What I'm getting at is I can make and sell a kit wouldn't take a lot of knowledge to install it (involves cutting and joining a few wires) I would probably sell it for about £30, would anybody be interested or am I wasting my time?
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  2. care to explain a bit more or is it just a job of splice these two wires and attach this

  3. Yeah its just a small box, a couple of leds, a switch and a resistor, once hooked up green light tells you its tuned for open exhaust and k&n air filter, switch the switch and the red light comes on letting you know you're back to stock tuning. what it does is emulate the air intake temp sensor to give a very cold reading to the ecu which make s the ecu think "oh god my engine needs a lot more fuel" I cant remember what resistor I went with in the end so I'll have a look tomorrow and post it here and I can assure you I spent a day on the emissions machine getting it right and I'd be happy to tell everybody how to make the box or just hook up the resistor, i'm not interested in making money, I just don't like the idea of people melting their engines for something so simple to fix
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    I think loads of people would be up for that Mumbles - thats a great idea!! :)

  5. well if we can get a few people who are definitely interested then I'll start buying the supplies and making them but I need to know people want them first as moneys a little tight right now due to police fines ;) and on a completely unrelated note don't overtake a prius in london and then pull a stoppie in front of it at the traffic lights ;)


  7. hi I'm having trouble with mine at the moment its got full scorpion exhaust and K&N air filter its been fine all summer then this morning it started spluttering its ok when you rev high but not low revs also noticed the sound from the exhaust is slightly different and there's no more popping either

  8. me too except with full arrow think it has something to do wi climate change (cooler air ) sometimes when warming up mint sounds proper rough but after that its purring perfect couple of pops on downshift but nothing major I want to get a pcv but I've decided to get some su mo wheels for my r just need to source a bracket for 320 rotor as I found a pair cheap if mumbles makes these or tells us how to make might give it a try but would still prefer pcv and custom map as it will be spot on for the bike as every bike is different and then mods make it even more different and this would be a standard setting for everyone but its worth a try

  9. I'd definitely be interested in one of these kits of yours Mumbles but could it be £20 instead since we will be your prototype testers ;P I'm planning on getting a straight through pipe to match my custom Akra can and as cool as spitting flames is... I really don't wanna kill my engine due to my 3 year finance contract ;) I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron so any wiring diagrams of your magic box would be greatly appreciated :)

  10. I would love to help mate and I will draw the wiring diagrams up for you but my bike was stolen on friday so I don't know what resistor was perfect in the end :( but I can make you bike spit flames still after this mod by installing an anti lag controller on your bike like i had on mine

  11. Aw no that sucks :( I hope you get it back in one piece :( can you remember what ohm range you used? If so I could simply trial and error within the range until the bike feels best. Please tell me more about the Anti Lag Controller as I'm unfamiliar with term :)

  12. I don't but I used a variable resistor to find the right one and I used 1/4watt resistors (thats the important bit!!!) and anti lag...


  13. Thanks mumbles, do you mean you used resistors within the 1-4watt range or you actually used 0.25watt resistors? Iv had a look on maplins site but they have hundreds to choose from and no variable ones haha

  14. sorry i mean used 0.25 watt resistors ;)

  15. Aw that's better haha, what ohm rating did your variable resistor go upto can you remember? Sorry for all the questions haha.

  16. its cool and i think it was 10k, Im always happy to help :), sorry im being slow at the moment but as you can imagine I have a lot on my plate right now

  17. Yeah I can imagine buddy I'll just have to get a few resistors and try them out, sorry I don't mean to sound pushy I'm just excited about not havin to spend £300 for a simple fix haha

  18. no problem at all mate :)

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