Solution To The Expensive Power Commander

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  1. Sorry mumbles but am I splicing the two wires together via the resistor? Or have I misunderstood your picture?

  2. yes but leave the black and grey wire connected to the throttle body and the brown and white needs to be cut

  3. This sounds awesome, but do I need a k&n airfilter and full arrow exhaust system? Keep on updating Mumbles!

  4. you need a performance exhaust of the bike will be too rich but you dont have to have an air filter i ran the stock air filter for a long time ;)

  5. Hi
    Earlier in this post you wrote about a box you would sell for 30£ that had the resistor in it and a light that show if the bike where tuned or stock Have you produced anyone of these? I could buy one if u have any. By the way, have you got your bike back?

  6. Just ordered a pack of resistors and I'm gonna try this out in the next couple days/weeks when they get here, if I get any news I'll report back with detailed images and a write up of the work. Been meaning to try this out for ages but never actually getting round todo it.
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  7. Keep us posted :)

  8. Any more reports?

    I also have a full Arrow exhaust system and it's running really makes me really uncomfortable and keeps from pushing it hard. I hope this mod really helps out.

  9. Give this a try?

  10. Thank you, will try it for sure!

  11. any 1 got a video guide for this
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  13. I've fitted a black widow exhaust system n now my bikes popping i know its NOT good but i dont know what im doing please help me

  14. Hello I've fitted a black widow exhaust system on my Yzf r125 2009 but now its popping i know its NOT good but i dont know what im doing please help me

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