Stolen From Leeds Beeston Ls11

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  1. Hi guys can people share this to social media my bike was stolen between 0100-0600 monday morning 5/6/17 from the leeds beeston area ls11 reg is yg11vtw ill update with vin and engine numbers later when i get home from work any information please contact me through facebook messanger (alexander ruddock) its been heavliy moddified so should be easy to recognise

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  2. Bike has been recovered ,everyone can stand down, it looks like back brake has locked up on them and they have come off it hope they have broken some bones little ************s caused quite a bit of cosmetic damage dont know engine wise until later when i have a proper look round it , hope they have left some tape and ************ laying around the hotwires so i can get crime investigators out and catch the fcukers

  3. Ill update with damage report and rebuild as it comes along
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    How well was it secured and what would you do better next time. Pleased you are getting back and hope its not badly damaged.

  5. Damage was to be expected ignition barrel , fuel cap, they have burnt the clutch out luckily it wasn't the whole bike lol.i had plates and springs all ready for when it needed them i could tell it was going to go before i had put it away.

    It looks like they actually flipped it and its landed on them hope it knocked wind out of the rider as a result the tail and left hand rear fairing is also smashed, they have also damaged the fork guards somehow which im a bit perplexed at.

    All in all around £200 worth of damage not bad. i must be the luckiest person in leeds to actually get it back.

  6. Unfortunately as i was disassembling the chain tensioner has broken 8 bolt have either rounded tool holes or shiered in frame all the metal brackets and mounts are starting to rust quite badly so i have taken them off cleaned,treated and sprayed them back up

    the bolts in bottom of top yoke for ignition are shiered from the robbery the asshats couldnt be bothered to unscrew the 10mm bolts that held the ignition that has been replaced many times over because of the rubbish connection that corrode and break in the bottom of the barrel

  7. As for security upgrades it was parked in a steel shed with motion light outside had stering lock ,chain and disc lock on
    the alarm was dead along with the battery as it was sitting there for at least 6 month because i had got a car

    Dont know how much more you could get without doubling or even tripling chains and disc cctv that can easily be flawed by masks and hoods

    hiring an armed security guard, attach a air raid siren somewhere, pack of starving wolves , rigged shotgun or just never sleeping
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    what chain did you have and how did they get around it. If it was an Oxford chain you don,t need to say any more as they are well known for being totally crap. Almax or Pragmasis are the chains to have.

  9. Oxford monster

  10. Forensics have come back from tape that i gave to police need to go in to give a statement then they can arrest him . SCORE!!!!
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