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  1. Hello, I am after some advice please. I just did an oil and filter change on my wr125r. I loosened the pressure check bolt just above the exhaust header to see if oil was flowing correctly , oil seeped out, everything ok I thought, so I tried to tighten the bolt back up but it wouldn't tighten. I removed the bolt and discovered the thread has stripped inside, the bolt is not damaged but the hole is smooth inside. Is this a problem that can be repaired or will I need to replace parts? Any advice would really ease my pain. Thanks for reading. PM
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  3. Thanks for your reply and link you sent Blazer. I've just been looking online for any bits of information on this and most people say the same as you that the helicoil would be the best way to repair this. Cheers.
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    The helicoil system isn't the strongest, so if you decide to go with it be careful not to over tighten. I have heard of a stronger way of fixing a stripped thread, think it is some type of pre-threaded steel sleeve that needs to be pressed in, unfortunately this probably wouldn't work with alloy which can easily fracture.

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