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Discussion in 'Australia' started by doctorrock, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, I just want to put the idea out there that if you are based in Sydney we should organise a ride sometime. I haven't seen another R125 on the streets yet so it'd be awesome to get a few us meeting up and cruising down to Stanmore Maccas...Just jokes :lol: but seriously a meet would be cool so speak up if you're keen..
  2. diasilman

    diasilman Member

    welcome mate :)

  3. come down on thursday nights at 7:30pm for the rides near five dock

  4. Yeah for sure, totally keen, where is the meeting point?

  5. Im in mate and my fiance, both will have them in couple weeks mabie the north shore circuit that goes through the beaches too:D

  6. Hey just got my YZF-R125 and would be keen to meet other riders in Sydney.

    Im out in the West. Let me know when you guys generally meet up
  7. mrwhite

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    epic 18 month thread revival, here. best of luck to you on finding some other guys.

  8. Yeah i know its epic. The 125 are not popular in Australia which is unfortunate. Was hoping to have a bigger fan base for these fantastic learner bikes
  9. mrwhite

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    am i right in thinking that you can have 250s on your equivalent to a CBT? or have i misread that?

  10. yes you can have 250cc bikes and other restricted higher capacity and i did consider many other options before buying the yamaha.

    most learners in aust opt for vtr250, cbr250rr, ninja 250 etc etc

    i picked the yzf125 because i found one for cheap and i must say its a very good looking bike indeed.

  11. Agreed J3. I went looking for 18 months looking at each 250r Learner Legal motorcycle. I went down in class however i must say the r125 is the best looking and RELIABLE sport bike for learners. Yeah sure it may not have the most power but god its sexy!! best choice i ever made. P.s Im keen for rides!! Peace.

  12. hey bond125

    for sure man. let me know if you are keen to go for a ride sometime.

    where are you located ?

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