This Is Why I Hate Cyclists...

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Marthinus Cordier, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. That happened last night after a cyclist ran a red light in Central London...

    I absolutely despise them.

    Everyone was ok though and no damage.
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  2. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    Is that you? glad it didnt cause any damage!

  3. Yeah thats me.

    A 20 year old teaching a guy 10 years older than me about the do's and don'ts - What has this world come to?
  4. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    They think because they don't have an engine that the rules don't apply.

    The thing that pees me off so bad is they pay no road tax (but they use them & cause accidents on them).
    They don't have to have any lights fitted by law.
    They don't even have to be in any half-decent condition.
    I've seen cyclists carrying crates of beer on their cross-bar, drunk as ************ and on the road.

    And no one does a thing! - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :mad:

    Also they're allowed to jump onto pavements here and there, cross zebra crossings and jump red lights?

    Technically they aren't allowed to. But when the FK have the police ever bothered to book a cyclist?
  5. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    Dont think the problem is them not paying road tax, some cars (like the fiat 500 twin air) dont need to pay tax and no one moans to them, cyclists have as much right to use the road as i and you do.
    I do agree that its crrrazzzy that bicycles dont have to be fitted with lights when sold and that they can be in any condition. They should do what they do in colombia, well think its colombia, where bikes need to be regestered and have a small reg plate.

    Recently i have heard of police waiting in places in central for cyclists to jump red lights and give them fines, a mates seen this so it is hapening, just not enough!
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  6. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Yeah 1 Cyclist a month (if that).

    And them cyclist's go to court and finds plenty of ways to be excused from the fine.

    Or they plead poverty and get let off.
  7. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    As i said, its happening," just not enough!"
    What do you expect, the way the public sector budget is shared out is ridiculous
    I find vehicle theft a bigger issue than a cyclist jumping a traffic light (IMO). When my r125 got stolen do you think they gave a ************? Nope just got a letter from them saying they will investigate further and never heard back.
  8. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Dicks. I totally understand though mate...

    ...My Honda NSR 125RR (special edition) got kicked over right under a CCTV dome camera..

    When the police turned up first thing she said was "Did you see anything?"
    So I said "No I didn't, but you lot (The Police) saw the whole thing as it was right under one of your big dome cameras".
    Copper said, "Erm we check and that camera isn't currently working".
    So I said "Well that's good isn't it? Well okay what about the other camera further down the street, that would have still seen it".
    Copper said, "Yeah erm, we checked that, but the lens is dirty."
    I pretty much just ended the conversation after that as I was getting annoyed.
    Copper just left saying "We will do some more investigations and get back to you".

    That was almost 2 years ago now and I've heard nothing!

    WHAT THE FK IS GOING ON??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Have you seeked legal advice for this?

    Surely just excusing the 2 cameras is neglect in some form?

    Shocking to say the least mate.

  10. To be honest i'm surprised he didn't just cycle away, thats what the majority would have done.

    I'd have FKing raang the guys neck in the middle of the street.
  11. triplehelix

    triplehelix Member

    "I apologise profusely" he says with the most monotonal voice with absolutely no remorse in it. His apologies sound like "I don't give a fvck mate, let me go home!"
  12. triplehelix

    triplehelix Member

    The police weren't interested, yet if it was a vehicle with an engine that did this, police would be straight there.

    I despise cyclists as well, for this very reason.

    They don't pay tax, they have no insurance, 9/10 they don't ride correctly, or to highway code, they think they own the roads, and they're effectively immune to prosecution because they're "green". Crazy how a cyclist can skip a red light and cause an accident and just get away with it, crazy.

    Fvck em.

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