Ticking Sound From Front End.. Help!!

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  1. Hello again :)

    SO basically ever since i've had my yammy there's been this ticking noise coming from the front end of the bike, its hard to explain what it sounds like to somebody that hasn't heard it.. but I guess its like me hitting a stick on something really fast therefore making a ticking or clicking noise (sorry thats all i could think of right now.. its late:rolleyes:). Sounds like maybe the engine but i dont think it is... The bike runs fine and have had no problem with it yet (accelerates fine, top speed is fine, starts every time..) but this noise is driving me INSANE:( Even with the baffle removed on the scorpion i still hear it!

    I did ask a Yamaha dealership mechanic to have a listen and he told me " yeah thats just your exhaust mate, it makes a ticking noise all of the bikes with scorpion exhausts have it."

    Now its not that i didn't believe him but a little knowledge from fellow R125 owners would do me the world of good.


  2. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    It's hard to say just from that, all bikes make a LOT of noises!
    When does it make it?
    Stationary, moving, engine off, only on idle?

  3. Yeah i know they are noisy! Makes the noise when in idle and when im moving and stationary but it gets louder with more revs.
    I did have the valve clearance adjusted a while back and it didnt change anything so its not that, heard it could also be cam chain tensioner but im getting mixed opinions some have told me it could be that and some say its not. I know its hard for you to say what it is when you haven't heard it maybe i could post a video or something??
  4. L-J-P

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    I've had previous experience with the cam chain tensioner (not on this bike) but this was a kind of tick/rattle but got worse when you reved it, it turned out to be the cam chain etc but then when on to find the whole bottom end ************ed as well.

  5. Ahh no i bet that was a nightmare :eek:! Was it on an R125??

    Dread to think what i'd do if that happened to me... I'm gonna take it to a few garages and ask them if its anything serious and see what they all say ;)
  6. Codemonkey

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    Have you checked the exhaust isn't blowing where it meets the engine ? That's a common cause for a ticking noise.
  7. Dave70

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    A few months ago, I had been for a ride and pulled over for a break and a ciggie up by Ramsey bay. There were plenty of bikers about at the time as it was race week.

    Anyhow, as I pulled away I heard a loud clicking/clunking sound and thought, Is that me? so I slowed down and stopped and so did the noise. Being a bit confused by what to do next as I was about 20 miles from home, I started it up again and the same noise occured, so I pulled over to the kerb and a couple of bikers came over to try and help me see what the problem was but, they were all as confused as I was. So after about 20 minutes or so, I took my chance and started to ride home very slowly but, there was no sign of the noise. After a few miles I started to speed up and got home safe and well and the bike has never made any similar sound again and I've done about 2,000 miles since.

    Strange things these bikes can be :)

  8. Haha good story :) Unfortunately mine doesn't stop, but it's not that much of a worry to be honest the bike still performs perfectly fine never had a problem i guess i'll have to put up with it for now! Thanks guys for your input;)

  9. hey i also got the same issue an i also got a scorpian end can. And i know exactly the noise youre talking about. the ticking speeds up with me an slows down with me but dont stop. its starts making the noise a few mins after i set off an i have to deal with through my whole journey. i want to know a reason as well as on quiet rds even over the sound of the bike i can just hear the damn sound an it makes :mad:
  10. jamesyR125

    jamesyR125 Member

    Iv got the same problem as you, but im running stock exhaust and mine's is a 2012 model. Only first heard it day after my 600 mile run-in service, got worse ever since. Just strange noise, i hear it with music in too.. :S

  11. Cracked Ht lead shorting on the metal body. enough said.

  12. Hmm I have this too... Just got the bike (2nd hand) and heard it today. Need to have a look into it
  13. jamesyR125

    jamesyR125 Member

    Everyones bike seems to have it lol, it's weird.. From front end :s I couldnt hear it when I had carbon fibre scorpion on, but now stock back on I can hear it.
  14. Dave70

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    I hadn't realised until I read this thread but, mine seems to have stopped doing it.

  15. I know exactly the noise your talking about. never really noticed it on my 2010 r125 but very noticeable on my 2012 all stock. ill mention it when I take it in for a check up at 1800. reminds me of being a kid a shoving a card to rattle of spokes but on steroids.
  16. Dave70

    Dave70 Member

    It's back.

    Had the bike in a lock up while I've been away for two weeks. Took it out for a little ride today and iy seemed as bad as ever :(

  17. i can hear the same ticking noise from the front end, its only when im doing below 30 and after 30 the exhaust drones it out. no idea what it could be it only started doing it about a couple of miles ago

  18. Hi all,

    Seems as though this is a regular occurrence among the R125 community!! :(

    I've had exactly the same thing, though have literally just replaced the barrel and piston/rings/all gaskets and still the noise is present.

    I too was riding along and she 'popped', lurched a bit then this rough sounding ticking on top of the usual noise came out. Low oil is the main culprit here, and a lack luster owner.

    Would really appreciate any pearls of wisdom!

  19. Blazer

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    If the problem is a lack of oil then the first thing to be starved would be the cylinder head, so it could either be a worn cam and rockers or the valves and valve guides. If it's a ticking noise and the valves aren't hitting the piston then i'd guess it's most probably the cam and rockers. These engines only use 1 x litre of oil so it needs checking as often as possible, especially as damage from a lack of oil is put down to poor maintenance by the owner, so won't be covered under warranty.
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  20. Cheers Blazer!

    After further checking we found it to be the cam chain tensioner. For anyone else suffering the same sort of thing, HINT Page 185 of the service manual ;)

    And further further HINT - CHECK OIL :D
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