Ticking Sound From Front End.. Help!!

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    Thanks! much appreciated, great to have a heads up on a problem that seems to regularly pop up here on the forum. what did you find was the actual problem with the tensioner?. Found it at 5-10 in the down loadable PDF manual from vixy. :)
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  2. Well in my case, the tensioner was shot. It was solid and unable to actually adjust, so the rattly noise (that I can most liken to when you free wheel a bicycle with ur feet on the pedals) was coming from the cam chain running against the chain guide. Replaced the tensioner and boom! Back on the road :)

    What I will say is, this might not be the same for all. My particular scenario went a little something like this....

    1. I was a monumental ***head and hadn't checked my oil once in the 4 weeks I'd had it. Instead relying on the info the seller gave me as he was a friend of the family. (Lesson learned)
    2. I was at top revs (about 9k) in 5th just about to change to 6th when the bike suddenly made a popping sound, dipped and a bit of poo came out of me.
    3. It carried on, although sounding rough as a dog so I turned round and went home.
    4. The sound of the engine (like a blowing exhaust) and slightly more smoky exhaust (off-white in colour) pointed to one of two things, a gasket or the piston rings.
    5. There was no oil in my coolant, good news! Gasket's are good.
    6. Took the engine out, checked cam mechanism for movement, valve springs etc,removed barrel and checked for play in bottom end, all good.
    7. The barrel was scored quite savagely, and the rings, well if Frodo had them they'd have disintegrated long before reaching Mount Doom!
    8. Bought a barrel from the breakers (£45), piston and rings (£20) and a gasket set (£15) and fitted.
    9. New oil and coolant
    10. Ran her up, sounded sooo much better but still had this additional rattle from the top end. Having checked everything else already, it could only be the cam chain (made a noise like I described earlier).
    11. Took the tensioner off and low and behold it was solid, swapped it for the one on my original barrel and hey presto.
    As I said, I was lucky nothing else went, like the valves or big end. Hope this helps anyone :)
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