Tilt Switch Relay And The Regulator

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  1. Hi just a query to see if things are running sweet.
    Right ive noticed for a while ive got a rattle at the back of my bike and ive discovered its the tilt switch relay thats rattling from the inside. Now should this rattle?
    The other thing is the regulator under the seat. Now i know they heat up but recently while riding i can actually feel a lot of heat when riding the bike. Does it need replacing and does the tilt switch relay need replacing as well. everything works fine on the bike and runs great but was thinking are these 2 issues on there way out?
  2. RPS

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    Suggest take seat off and zip tie it to a part of frame, or another part or substantial wiring. Cant think which part it is without looking but it shouldn't rattle. If it works don't replace it.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. Any thoughts about the regulator / rectifier thats heating up to the point where i can feel the heat through the seat. I know it heats up but should it heat to thr point where i can feel the heat through the seat?
  4. RPS

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    Never felt any heat through seat and would astonished if I did. Do you have a standard seat? If it is getting that hot I would be worried it could catch fire. Not riding my bike at moment due to an injury so not able to check for about a month. Can someone else offer any comparisons with their bike.
  5. Cips007

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    Definitely no heat at all from mine mate,don't think it should be that hot!!

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