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Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by TripNip, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    Okay, so the most i've had is 82 and 82+ downhill
    The last few days i've been struggling to get 76+
    I know it's not massive difference, but for A road driving... it is

    Here's some things that might help... Stupidly, I've been changing fuel, from Unleaded to Super Unleaded. How much difference is this going to make?... I know, I'm an ************, but some douche put the super nozzle in the normal holder thing. I know about tucking, and I've been really going for that but still couldn'tt break 80 in the last few days

    Obviously it's going to happen, but try not to make this too much of a top speed competition. Help, advice answers would be awesomely useful.
    Also, what is the R125 stated top speed officially?

    Thank in advance for any help

  2. ide say ure lucky to get 76. i barely creep above 65 :( dunno whether its cus im 16 stone (ruby player) :lol: or cus theres sumin up with the bike

  3. OFFICIALLY i think its supposed to be 70 (if i remember correctly)
    Maybe your engine just needs a bit of time to get used to the new petrol? Im not an expert in these matters >.<
  4. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    I would say that probably why mate! Good on you though, what level? Before I left I played senior college level as a flanker, I'm a pidly 11.5 stone... (Dammit Patrick you're awful at staying on topic...)

  5. i think its just my weight cus the bikes done 2500 miles so broken in properly. haha well its ure topic to change ;) i played club rugby for 11 years as loose head prop and also played for a college academy. had to stop playing though broke my leg and docs told me to stop woooo (tossers) lol

  6. And i've only gotten to 50mph :x i am still only in its first 50 miles tho :cool: , but i'm 12.8 stone i'll be intrested to see what i eventually get up to. I'm meant to be on a diet (wife's idea) so this might spur me on to get on with loosing some, i should be around 11.5 really.

  7. I still think i'm going to go flying when i eventually get mine. 9 stone >.<

    DUNKIRK Member

    10.5, with a mixture of unleaded and super unleaded (hope that won't cause any issues...) standard kit and 8.5k on the clock...
    it 'apparently' tops out, on a flat road, at 76.... or, so I've been told anyway, because me, I would never.... :roll:

    but my god it takes some effort to get there..... :?

  9. i would say change the spark plug, maybe an iridium one pal
  10. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    A women just quoted there weight! Is the world going to blow up!

    Spark plug wont make a top speed difference would it?

  11. Oi you, shut up :lol: :lol:
    I'm not like most women ;)
    Im special :D

  12. The wind could've been blowing in the wrong direction. I kid you not.
  13. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    Oi you, shut up :lol: :lol:
    I'm not like most women ;)
    Im special :D[/quote:95kk11su]

    I'm only joking! :D

    Oh yeah, I know that makes a difference. But I was accounting for that, I'm talking purely mechanically. It just seems that before it it was genuinely better at the top end, I'm talking just the end of the run in period.

    Also, what's actually better to use? Super or standard?

  14. is your bike even run in yet? cause I wouldnt even try getting up to those speeds if its not :|

    btw, my top speeds 84mph on a very long straight and thats with me tucked in behind me double bubble, I've not had the rev limiter bounce me back yet though so I might even reach 85, I've been told I wont though due to the fact that I have a bigger rear tyre on mine.

    oh yeah, and I'm 11 and a half stone.
  15. Caspa

    Caspa Member

    Wind, wind and wind!

    Has a massive effect for me, ranging between 65 and 80 top due to it!

    I'm 5'11 and 11.5 or so...
  16. jeboy

    jeboy Member

    the fastest i've been on mine is 60 :( just not enough road on my daily commute, you guys are lucky

    ride safe though
  17. PhilR

    PhilR Member

    I rarley get past 70 as I just haven't got the patience [​IMG] I'm not always the best at maintenance so I did notice it was aot easier to get there when I pumped the tyres back up and oil the chain.
  18. Benji

    Benji Guest

    84 is the top you can achieve with standard gearing and ecu. Wind makes a lot of difference as does clothing, textiles seem to be about 5 mph slower than leathers, well they are with mine. 6' and 11stone. It's all about carrying speed through corners, and if feeling brave staying tucked mid corner rather than offering a knee :eek:

  19. I regularly see 80 without much trouble, but being 5ft 8 and just under 9 stone does help a tiny bit :D
  20. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    I'd say that has everything to do with it!
    Damn you, you girlie man! *jealousy over top speed*
    (not a really insulting you) :D

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