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    I have had my 2010 YZF R125 for about 5 weeks. Until the past 2 weeks I have not had any handling issues but recently felt the handling drop to the point whereby I almost lost all confidence to ride it - well I certainly wasn't riding it a lot.

    I believed it was a tyre pressure issue and recognise that I hadn't addressed this since I owned the bike, a shortfall definately.

    However, I read the manual (something that my searches before I posted suggest) and it states the following:

    Front: 25 PSI
    Rear: 29 PSI

    Therefore I checked this and my tyres were over this amount. So, I started to deflate the tyres to the recommended pressure in the manual. The handling got worse. Of course during this time I was cursing the dealer who sole me the bike thinking that it after 5 weeks the pressure was more than what it should have been then what was it when I picked it up.

    However, yesterday I checked the tyres themselves and they simply state 33 PSI, same front and back. There is no minimum, maximum or recommended, simply 33 PSI. So I took it to a petrol station and filled them and checked with my gauge. They are not around 33 PSI, but not exactly, and the handling is as it was before.

    I am thinking that the dealer filled them correctly and that I was wrong to reference the manual and the statement on the tyres is the one to follow. My concern is that the searches I have done here on tyre pressure all suggest that the manual is closer to the correct pressure than what I have read on my tyres, and whilst it might feel better to me it might not be safe.

    Is there any one out there that know better than me that can advise, and is there anyone out there that has a 2010 recent purchase that can confirm that their tyres state 33 PSI and runs on that?

    Many thanks.

  2. hi ther poch, i have a 2010 model and when i took delivery of the bike it had 32psi in both front and back i went by the manual and did 25front 29 rear and my bike handles a dream.

  3. same here with me had my 2010 bike bout 3 weeks now when i got it from the dealer i had 32 in the front and 34 in the back.
    I read the guide and lowered to 25 front and 29 back ive done 600 miles now and no handling issues atall so far :)
  4. PhilR

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    I take it that they're still shipping new bikes with Mitcheins?

    I now have Bridgstones BT45 now but found them best at sighty reduced pressures than the stated 25 and 29 PSI. Currenty have them at 23/24 front and 26 rear. Higher than this and the bike is twitchy and unstabe, lower and it doesn't hold it's line very well. Might be because I'm ony 60-65 kg but think it's worth playing with to see what works for you.

    If anyone buys a new bike, it's worth checking the tyre pressures yoursef straight away. My girlfriend's YBR left the dealer with 29PSI front and 25PSI back (wrong way around) and the speedo cable screwed on back to front. :roll: Jokers!
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    in one of the bike mags, could have been bike magazine, they did test on a few bike using different tyre pressures. They went from low to high from the handbook settings. The conclusion was i think they found it better slightly less than the handbook, were only talking 1-2psi. Ill see if i can find the test again and let you know what they said. Bear in mind, this was on bigger bikes.

  6. Thanks all. After I posted I went down the the petrol station and filled to 33 PSI front and back. The handling is much better. I think, however that there is a better intermediate setting that I will have to find for myself based on my weight and preference. For me though, the statement in the manual is not best. I am not sure which tyres that are actually! I hope to give it it's first wash today so will pay attention.

    Thanks again.
  7. PhilR

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    Just to note, It's worth buying a pressure guage that you can carry arround with you. In my experience, petrol station one's can be hugely different to each other making it hard to get the same pressure if you need go to another garage. Even if the one you buy is not 100% accurate, it should give repeatabe results over and over.
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    Also remember that the figures quoted in the manual are for cold tyres.

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