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  1. Hi folks,

    What tool do I need to turn the crank to get it to TDC? I'm going to adjust valves this week. Thanks.

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    17mm shell(?) with ratchet...

    0.10-0.12 for intake and 0.20-0.22 for exit
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  3. Thanks pal.
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    No problem lol :p

  5. Went out to do valves today and decided not to. There is not a lot of space to take off the cylinder head cover so decided not to do them. I took off coil and disconnected all switches but still not a lot of space. How did you manage this?
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    Seems like you have R125, am i right?
    Guide is copied from one Finnish forum, but its exactly same thing for WR, only difference is what you need to remove!

    First take tank off, and all the connectors of wires and away from the way. After that remove left side plastics and you see 2 big screws on motor, open them. There is a a big bolts which can be used to turn valves to "dead spot". The smaller one is peekhole where you can see when the timing is right. There is a mark there, you will understand when you start doing it!

    Now open the cylinder cover head , you see 4 8mm nuts on valves, loosen them and you can adjust the valves by spinning the square valve adjusting heads but before this you must have adjusted the valves to "dead spot"

    After you have loosened the 8mm nuts and spinned those squares a bit to loosen them put feeler gauge in between the valves and keep it there and spin the squares until the feeler gauge is tight, but still does move after that tighten the 8mm nut related to that valve and move to next one!

    And you have adjusted the valves you should take care that you don't tighten the cylinder head cover too tight, cylinder is aluminium.

    No oil needs to be removed and remember that 0,1-0,12 for intake and 0,2-0,22 for exhaust, of course aim for the lower!

  7. I thought you did valves on the r125 sorry. I have the r125. Really is not much space. It can be done obviously but with a lot of time, patience and more patience. The only problem I have is lack of space. I never thought of taking pics. I will do it but will wait until I have a good clear day to myself. On the r125 there are 5 bolts to undo on the cylinder head and the valves are 0.10 to 0.14 intake and 0.20 to 0.24 exhaust. I will order a new gasket aswell. Thanks for help pal.
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    Uhh where your going to order gasket, there is 0-ring on the cylinder head cover, which needs replacing only when its BROKEN i have opened the head so far around 40 times (seriously) and its still running good :p

    Yes i know the valves are 0.10 to 0.14 , but i personally prefer to keep them close as possible to 0.10 and 0.20, yes WR125 has 5 bolts on cylinder head cover too, but 4 on valves, 1 for each one (2 for intake and 2 for exhaust)

    Try to use correct terms, cylinder HEAD is with 4 12mm bolts at valves and 2 screws on side of the cylinder , been there opened them few times :p

  9. Cylinder head COVER sorry!!!! ;) I was just going by what the service manual says. It says replace cylinder head cover gasket after removal. I know about the 2 screw caps on the side. One to turn the engine and one to view the TDC mark/s. To be honest these valves should have been done a long time ago so I may aswell renew the gasket. Easy to find and cost about £8! As I said I disconnected all connections and removed the coil but still little room. I will do it one day soon I promise lol.
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    Cool, dont lenghten it too long or otherwise the valves wont be very happy ;)
    I will add few pictures to help on it!
    Sorry for big pictures and bad quality!
    Its from time when we adjusted valves for my friend!

  11. Is this the WR? I will be setting them at minimum 0.10 and 0.20. Thanks for the help pal.
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    Yeah its Wr!
    No problem, just ask if u need help :)
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  13. Hi i recently bought a wr and i cant seem to figure out the valve clearence timing mark/s for tdc..can someone please tell me which mark it actually is,do i line it up with one of the vertical lines?or the dot or the one horizontal line? Thanks Maurice

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