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Discussion in 'Blog' started by vixy, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    Custom Modifed Exhaust header

    Custom Alloy Flange with exact port matching with the cylinder head

    fully assembled custom header
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  2. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    good work I done something similar for my r6 exhaust. It was a full straight through - acceleration was great! However TOO LOUD - 120DB measured by the police :(




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  3. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    nice one brother
    You can use this exhaust valve to adjust the noise of your exhaust.
    just attached a long cable and put a choke lever from (scooter bikes) and put it in your steering handle.
    when there is police, move that lever to lessen the noise :D

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  4. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    hahaha I tried this method it didnt do any justice. I sold it on now tho far to loud 120db our law limit is 74db. I go to work 7am in the morning Im pretty sure my neighbours wasn't happy nor the dead!
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  5. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    Heres an update on my bike.

    basically my bike is underspecs compared with Stock R125 bikes.
    i use here 26mm carburetor vs 28mm r125 bike
    bigger tires 160/70x17 rear and 110/70x17 front
    I installed a performance racing cam on my r125 stock engine

    The other bike (holding the helmet camera) is T135
    my bike is the one with big tires.
    the one riding with helmet cam is 135cc T135 bike

  6. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    my new engine mods:

    Lightened 62mm piston

  7. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    installed the 62mm bore kit on my bike.
    I removed the base gasket for higher compression

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  8. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    looking good. keep it up! I've upgraded bikes. Now sold the r125 and have a drz400sm. Your project still amazes me.
  9. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    my new project.
    im using KTM 650 triple tree

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  10. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

  11. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    currently using
    Battlax BT 003 150/60x17 on my bike :D
    great on touring street racing!

    i just need to find the best sprocket, currently using 14/47 and it needs more highspeed sprocket. Current topspeed on this sprocket is GPS speed 141kph on 10k rpm

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  12. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    my current bike is using SCORPION SERKET TAPER


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