Wanted/trade : Quite A Few Bits For Future Bike, Check The List.

Discussion in 'Wanted / Looking For' started by midnightblackbird, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Buying my R125 and joining the crew on Monday, bike needs a bit of TLC, and of course some upgrades, so if anyone has these parts and is interested in letting them go to me in the future for a nice price, then I'll be happy to take them off your hands. It's a 2009 model.

    Mirror blanking plates - Black
    Pillion peg blanking plates - Black
    LED Brake Light with indicators
    Angel Eye Kit
    6000k Slim H7 HIDs
    4000k LEDs
    (R1/R6 Black Levers with necessary fittings/housings/whatever - Not too important right now but would like to have those in the future)
    (R6 Left Hand Controls for Hazard Light capabilities, same as above, not TOO important but would like to have it)
    Black Seat Cowl
    Fly Eyes Headlight Tint Film
    LED Indicators
    Black Bolt kit - All around
    Tutoro Standard Edition Auto Oiler
    HEL Braided Brake Line (Both - Black)
    Full Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust - Got a Full Carbon Scorpion System on this bike but has a scuff from the previous owner when he chucked it down a roundabout - Looking to trade my scorp + some money on top for an Akra.
    Some sort of performance filter, K&N maybe.

    So if someone could help me out or point me in the right directions, that'd be great, thanks ;)

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