Which 180cc Kit Is Better For Minarelli 125 Lc Engine Top Performance Or Maloss Kit.i

Discussion in 'Minarelli 125 LC engine based bikes' started by Ason, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Need help guys: Which of these 2 kits has quality and durability. I am looking for which best works with low octane petrol and high temperature of engine all time. Thank you.
  2. Joshg

    Joshg Member

  3. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Dont use low octane fuel.

    If anything just to keep engine clean!

    Doesnt take long for carbon to form and clog valves and do damage.
  4. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    for longer reliability, go for original yamaha 150cc kit
    for aftermarket i guess its malossi
  5. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    The question is which 180 kit is better?

    So a 150 kit isnt really going to be a very good 180 kit. ;)

  6. The 150cc kit is fine and very reliable. I have mine fit with one and upjetted. Its been fantastic and gives alot more power. There is question however if the Minarelli crank is upto the 180cc cylinder. So if you go to the 180cc you are probably asking for it..or change to the better Yamaha crank...

    Another idea is to buy a old yamaha engine and build that for the job at hand... you can fit the 200cc to the yamaha...!

  7. thanks guys for all your input. the only problem i am facing is we are in a third world country n we cannot get high octane petrol, so which brand should i use to remove carbon built up. I have been using STP gasoline cleaner but no help. there is no problem with the crab, only with the piston.
  8. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

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  9. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    The best engine cleaner there is - Shell.

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