Will A 2015 Engine Fit In 2010 Bike?

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by Old125Rider, Mar 4, 2017.

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    If the engine is running fine without the power commander, then i doubt it would solve the problem. If the power commander has been mapped for 180 cc then it will more than likely make things worse.

  2. Should i change the ecu 2015?
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    No the ecu shouldn't need changing, have you tried taking out the k&n filter and using the standard one?. Does the k&n need cleaning?.

  4. I change the K&N filter with standard one,doing the same, I check the intake sensor all looks good I swap with another sensor for other carburetor , still flashing engine light error 1-4 .don't really what to do. Please advise.thank you
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    It may be a good idea to take the bike to a yamaha dealer so they can run a diagnostic on it. Code 14 could be wiring to the air intake sensor or, as mentioned with every code it could be a faulty ecu, although if the bike worked ok for a mile it may be something as simple as a wiring connector coming loose due to vibration. Which probably explains why the bike now runs after swapping the airbox and throttle body which are identical but the wires would need to be re-connected.
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  6. I check all the connection ,should I try the 2010 ecu or 2015 ecu? What you suggest?

  7. The bike it's working but it's like don't give enough air and the flashing engine light error 14 it's still there.
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    I would check if there are any breaks in the wiring where the pcv was connected to the original wiring . If you have or can get hold of an ecu,then it may be worth a try to swap it. You would have to swap it for a 2008 to 2014 ecu as a 2015 to 2017 ecu maybe expecting a signal from the lambda sensor, so you could end up with yet another fault code.

  9. Job done, one of the wire was connected wrong to carburetor, I fit also the power commander back and it's have good speed,it's fast going 75mph at least. Thank you for advice
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