WR 125 R 2010 only goes 60mph! :O

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  1. Hi just got a WR 125 R 2010 2805 miles on the clock. Runs great to 60 mph then revs stay the same and sits at 60mph even when you change up to 6th gear ? rev limiter ? please help me :)
  2. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    If you chain down a gear do the revs still scream? Did you run it in properly? Need a service? x

  3. It was last serviced at 2100 so i dont think so. It has had 2 services in its life and i do believe it was run in correctly. Change down? from 5-4 or 6-5 ? from 6-5 no because there is no pick up and go in sixth gear not that its going to preform like a 1000cc sports bike but from 5-4 yes if you dont brake first :p. sounds fine when running idle aswell, no funny noises at all. Starts first time every time.
  4. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    You'll know when you hit the limiter buddy as it'll bounce off it, in my eyes to gain the max out of it I'd say redline it and change just before the limiter in every gear from fourth and see if she'll gain any more if not im unsure fella.

  5. Hmmmm i will give that a try, nice half mile straight near where i live :) i will report back soon :D
  6. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    I personally find if you nail it in 5th change just before the limiter ( don't let it bounce on it ) you'll see a difference I change just before 10 and half K if this helps dude..
    Let's us know fella.

  7. How will i know 10.5k revs when wr dosnt have a display for revs ? I will have to do it by ear i guess.
  8. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    whats your weight?
    if things still not improving, try changing sprocket to a higher gear ratio

  9. Im 6ft 6 and 12 stone 6 :p you would have thought it would go faster though.
  10. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    My mistake bud didn't realise until after reading back through what I put, listen to the engine notnif you hit the
    Limiter you'll know when to change just before hand ;)

  11. I am a little shorter than you but I weigh more, you can definately expect more from your bike. not a lot more mind you. I find that its hit and miss to reach the top speeds. keep trying but remember be safe :D you can get good speed in sixth only on flat and downhill, uphill its a no go

  12. ive had 83 mph on my standerd wr goin up a slight uphill ;) its called octane booster ;)
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  13. aw and im 6ft 3 and 12.5 stone
  14. Wildkid

    Wildkid Member

    Its called Bullshiite ;)

  15. go to halfors n get the nos octane booster n throw it in ur tank with half a tank of fuel. not bull************ ;)
  16. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    No chance.
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  17. since yous dont beleave me go try it for urself!
  18. Wildkid

    Wildkid Member

    Haha good luck with that mate 83mph is a load of crap
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  19. ive had my wr at 80 on a slight down hill without octane so how the ************ is it bull************
  20. Wildkid

    Wildkid Member

    So it was 83 on slight uphill and now your claiming 80 downhill loll? shut up mate ....
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