Wr Dual Exhaust!!

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  1. Hi!
    Just finished a project that took alot of time. Custom made dual exhaust for my wrx. Looks totally insane and sounds like a 450. Ill post some pictures, and let me know what you think:)
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. dude that looks awesome, I saw a dual exhaust for the wr 125 that was also customs made for sale on ebay little while back but yours does look better what end can did you use ? And did you weld/source pipes and metal yourself ? Cheers!

  3. Hi mate!
    Thx for reply. Well i didnt made the endcaps myself, i bought 2 exhaust mufflers from ebay. The exhaustpipe is made out of some metallpipes that are welded together to make a nicelooking exhaustsystem. I did not do all this welding by my self. Got some help from people i know.
    Had a couple of problems with fitting the muffler on the right side where it is no place to hang the muffler on. Ended up with some specially made thing to hang it on. It works fine and kinda looks original.

  4. that is awesome man It looks insane I'm running an arrow can without db killer and the bike sounds awesome . Would love to hear yours. Ps. Is the bike still running smooth as it was ?

  5. Thx man
    I have tried to make a soundcheck video, but the soundquality is soo bad. Sounds like the engine is going to blow up. But ill try make a better video with a better phone/camera.
    When it comes to the engine it seems like its running ok, just like with the original exhaust pipe. Havent noticed any difference. But i havent tried to take the bike for a trip since it is winter here where i live. According to the sound it seems fine. When the spring arrives ill take for a trip and then i can find out if its running too lean or not.
    If i make a video ill post a link in the comments:)

  6. cool man! Cant wait to see/ hear

  7. Could you show a picture of how did you build the Exhaust system like the whole pipe system and such...
    would really help me.

  8. that looks naughty, looking to do the same to mine.. have you got any sound videos ?

  9. Yeah, have a soundcheck vid on youtube.

    used a sh** device to record it with, so the sound is not like it is in reallity. The device didnt pick up the deep sound :(
    Btw plz subscribe and like the video
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  10. Wery nice i would like to have one dbl exhaust for my one wr125x can someone help me with that please

  11. Hi guys, im looking to get one made myself but don't know where to start, how much am I looking?

    Cheers for any info

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