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Discussion in 'Minarelli 125 LC engine based bikes' started by Draft_, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Draft_

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    Both only weight 102kg dry and have a far superior chassis/suspension setup to the WR + they looks real sexy! :p

    This one ways 106kg wet! :eek:

    Now only if they were available in the UK ;)

    there's also Rieju's offerings too! though they do weight more (121kg dry) and don't look as good IMO. However they are available in the UK.

  2. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    Also this guy wheeling in 4th! :eek:

  3. :eek: looks like it has a carb instead of fi? But says low fuel consuption, so guess its fi anyway.
    They dont look to bad either :)
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  4. Might have a different sproket setup than the wr. My wr tops out at 128 kmh, recently watched a topspeed vid of the beta rr. Does 110 kmh...
  5. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    I think they're all carbed though that does mean it'll be much cheaper and easier to install a 180cc kit since all you need to do is buy a couple bigger jets.
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  6. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    Supposedly the beta is restricted stock and can be derestricted for 18hp!
  7. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    Another one! the Itallian Fantic Motor TZ170 MR and E models. The enduro weights 95KG and the supermoto weights 96KG, the same as my EXC125! :eek:
    They come well equiped with premium components such as 'Braking' brake components (if you're not familliar with supermoto conversions Braking is a one of the premium brands in the buisness) and a Keihin 30mm carburator, the racing models even come with a racing exhasut system stock (made by big-one).
    The TZ170MR
    and the TZ170E
    Both of these were recently shown off at the 2015 Motorcycle Live Exhibition in Birmingham so I fully expect that they'll be coming to the UK market very soon.

  8. The wr still looks better thou :cool:
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  9. And them all got what kind of engine? :D you know the answer!
  10. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

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  11. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    I've always like the BMW-era Husqvarnas but it's a shame about the colour scheme on the enduro, it'd look much better without the yellow decals and a black frame! The sumo looks pretty decent though [​IMG]
    The website is kinda odd, I have no idea as to why they're listing the specs in Imperial. The specs also list that the bike is SOHC and uses a mikuni D45 throttle body, the only husqvarna to use that throttle body was the TE310 :confused:
    After looking at this article: http://www.moto125.cc/f125cc/reportajes/tematico/item/1203-swm-rs-15-milan-16
    It appears that the engine is actually DOHC and is still FI, however the size of the throttle body isn't mentioned. It also stats that the engine is partially made by a chinese company :(
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  12. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    After having a look at SWM's official website it seems like the engine components are made in china but designed, tested, Quality check and assembled in Italy so it isn't too bad after all:). http://www.swm-motorcycles.it/en/company/the-know-how/ http://www.swm-motorcycles.it/en/company/quality/
  13. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

    I belive one half of the swm revival is a designer that used to work for aprilia and husky, other half is shineray...

    Still looks like an lc 135 bottom end to me with a 6th gear in there (if the website description is true) and a Chinese top end maybe, 135 is the only 'version' of the wr/yzf ect engine to come with a kickstart too.

    Have also seen the fantic 125 on egay too at 4300!!! too big of a price tag imo, considering the 200 version is the same price :(
  14. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    I just had a look at the Fantic's again and it turns out there's 3 different model's of both the sm and enduro: -The low end "performance" one has crappy suspension like the WR, a steel box swingarm and FI
    -The midrange "casa" version has the Aluminium swingarm, proper suspension and FI
    -The top "competizione", has the aluminium swingarm, proper suspension with full adjustement, fatbars and carb
  15. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

    Have only seen the 'comp' one on egay which looks to have similar front end to the reiju sm trophy Ltd edition thing, doesn't the bogo one have the xt engine though? Guessing fantic are making models to compete with the betas (lc?) that come in trim no one in their right mind would want haha.

    Reiju still looks like the better buy cash/spec wise, new trophy one looks better than the last version with cast wheels. Shame it doesn't have the low weight of the beta and fantic, nearly 30 odd kgs lighter must make the world of difference with such a low powered engine compared to the wr...watching the beta vs wr in a straight line is rather embarrassing.

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