Wr125r Stalls When Turning Left.

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  1. So, i installed a new clutch cable to my WR, and when took it for a test ride i noticed that whenever i turn the handlebars to the left it stalls. As it stalls it blinks the engine management light, but then it stops. This happens at any speed, even when stationary. I tried troubleshooting but i couldn't find any specific cause for it. Any help with this is highly appriciated.
    And to be precise, it is a 2011 Yamaha WR125R.
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    The same has happened to me today.. when ever turning left i loose power amd it flashs engine management light and goes back off... Please i need help... does anyone know what it is.. or have any ideas... i need help... i have hward it could be ignition wire... which wire is it? Anybody got a photo

  4. I got mine sorted out a while ago, it was the ignition wiring that was damaged. You can find them easily just by looking at the wires coming from that block that the key goes to (can't remember the proper word for it). It is most likely damged near the frame of the bike.

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