Wr125x 180cc Malossi Cooling Problem

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  1. Hello, i am brent and i have a problem with my wr125x i have bought it like 3 weeks ago and it has a 180cc malossi kit but it has a heating issue for some reason the heating light jumps on when driving over 50km/h for longer than 20 mins, kit was tuned on dyno and just placed a new head gasket but nothing seems to help no coolant leak, more than enough coolant, dealer says the radiator cooling is just not good enough for the 180cc kit does anyone know what to do ? Otherwise ill just need to sell the b8ike again and i dont want to :/

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    Convert it back to the 125 it should be. If you can legally ride a bigger engine bike buy one that is designed around a bigger engine. Heard no good news about big bore kits, only problems, since joining this forum in 2013.

  3. I dont have the original cilinder anymore nor any other original parts... i guess im just going to sell the bike than...
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    Have you checked to see if it actually has a Power Commander or the malossi forcemaster ecu installed? If it is overheating it is likely that it hasn't actually been tuned.

  5. It has been installed and i have the dyno papers so maybe a bad tune ? Or what could it be ?

  6. Have you tried installing a bigger fan on the radiator or even just a bigger radiator
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