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  1. Hi got a 2013 wr125. A few weeks ago we had bad weather and my bike was sitting outside my friends house. I got to my bike and it wouldnt start. No electrics on the dash or anything. The ignition barrel looks ok and all wires firmly in place and my battery is fine and fully charged still. Any ideas what it could be thats killed all my electrics on the bike. Thinking if the starter relay and wires for the relay were soaked in the bad weather could it possibly kill all the electrics on the bike. Please help.
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    So no lights are working either. If there is no power anywhere start checking the fuses next to the battery.

  3. All the fuses are fine as well..
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    Next suspect is ignition barrel. Try wd 40 on it, then if no good, check leads and connections again, particularly feed from battery. Then circuit test leads for power. I would be surprised if problem wasnt in this area.
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    Do the lights work?.

  6. Hi the problem was sorted it was the ignition barrel leads that join behind the radiator. Someone tried stealing the bike. They spraid oil on the cconnector behind the radiator then tried pulling them to loosen it but they didnt manage to pull it out. The connection was open so when we had thunder the other week the connections were soaked. I got a new connector as the other was damaged and made a new set of wires. All good now and shes back on the road. Thanks for all your help guys
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    Glad its sorted, putting oil on wires to assist pulling them out would appear to me to make the wires slippy to pull but then you learn something new everyday. Hope you use some secure locks when you park it.

  8. Yep ive got 4 locks on the bike. Its achored twice to the wall. Got a datatool throttle lock and a disc lock. Oh and obviously the standard Stearing lock as well.

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