Yamaha Wr125x Ignition Problem

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  1. Hi can anyone help. Got to my bike earlier and the battery was completely dead. Bumped it and got it going but when I came home and turned the ignition off and took the key out the clock display was still on and so was the front light hence the dead battery. I could still start the bike without the key in the bike as well. Can anyone help?
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    Have you just got this bike? presmably its not brand new, did it not do this when you first saw the bike. Cant you ask previous owner what they know about this and have they been fiddling with it. You clearly have a wire live when you shouldn't. Any sign of damage to ignition barrel.

  3. No I've had it from New but this just happened the other day. I'm thinking it could be a wire in the ignition barrel that's come loose as I've heard it's a common problem with these bikes. This happened when we had a downpour the other day and my bike was sitting outside my aunties house so could be water damage as well. Just not sure
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    Is bike still under warranty? If it is let dealer sort it out. If not, what else works with ignition off: horn indicators, brake lights, fueld pump, engine start. Loose wire is most commonly cause of electrical item not working, but worth checking as well as signs of insulation breakdown between wires and connectors as well as corrosion of connectors. Liberal spray of wd40 wont do any harm either.

  5. Hi the bike is no longer under warranty as it's a 2013 model. Everything worked with the ignition switch off but now nothing works even with the ignition on. Looking at the wires behind the radiator I'm thinking someone's poured oil into the electrics. It was soaked so now I need to get a new wiring loom. Seen a few but not for the year of my bike. What year wr125x wiring looms will fit my 2013 yam. Gives me more options rather than just looking for the year of my bike
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    My initial suspicion would be directed to inignition barrel and whether that is working properly. I would not jump to buying a replacement wiring loom without a lot more evidence that it would solve your problem. Do you genuinely believe that someone has poured oil down the back of your radiator? Is that really likely? Have you checked your own oil levels to make sure that it is not your own oil that has leaked out?

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