Yamaha YZF R125 Brake and Clutch Levers... Finally! (Take 2)

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Which Option Do You Prefer?

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  2. F3 Series

  3. F1 Series


  1. This site offers a similar pair of:
    C5 levers for £204.16 (£82.61 + £121.55). I am offering for £152.
    F3 levers for £142.50. I am offering for £96.80.
    They do not even offer F1
    The same applies to the other 2 links supplied. I am considerably cheaper than all three.

    I cannot see a long brake offered here?

    These are not the same levers either.

    The F3 and C5 levers have the dust covers and fancy cable adjusters as pictured, along with colour matching perches. I can look into cheaper F3 options without these features like the F1 levers, but with coloured blades. They don't look very nice for saving an extra £10 though? If you want cheap, why not just buy the F1 as advertised?


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  2. The brake lever replaces the whole Yamaha lever, but mounts into the original Yamaha (Brembo) master cylinder.
    The Clutch lever replaces the whole perch - all you need is a cable.
    Fitment is easy, just take your time setting them up correctly.

  3. Measurements are taken from the bolt hole on the ASV hinge to the hole at the end of the lever (centre to centre):
    Short - 92mm
    Long - 124mm

    0845 601 0986
  4. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    looks good to me. i just need to win the lottery.
  5. Kolnai

    Kolnai Member

    Ah, I think I see the difference now Jamie. I think the clutch levers on the other sites are just the lever, no perch or dustcover included.

    So you will be supplying the ASV clutch - lever, perch, dust cover and the brake - lever?

    Is it possible to have the ASV brake perch as well? or is the original perch on the bike integrated into the master cylinder, so has to be used?
  6. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    are these going to mount in the original ones because the clutch side have a switch that line with the stand

  7. Aww ********, Forgot about the clutch stand switch...
    These will not fit unless you bridge the switch :mad:

    Kolnai - yes, you got it. I can supply a ASV mastercylinder C clamp, but it's all a bit pointless now.
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