Yamaha Yzf R125 Ignition Switch

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  1. I bought my R125 in 2010. I've done around 500 miles in total and its been kept in my garage. I moved home due to following my job which required me to relocate. I've lost both sets of keys and can't find a number on the documents to get another cut at a official dealer. The bike came with a data-tag alarm kit and wouldn't start without the alarm thob before.

    I've seen a kit on ebay which includes the ignition, seatlock and fuel cap with a new set of keys.

    Can i bypass the alarm system? or am i totally buggered?

  2. paddy.t

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    It can be done, but i doubt anyone on an open forum will say how. Contact your local dealer, or alarm specialist solong as you can prove you are the owner and keeper theyll do it.. For a fee. Again regarding keys, contact yamaha or go see a dealer.

  3. Done, Done, Done

    Phoned Datatool, got a replacement fob coming, can't see why it wouldn't work.

  4. I happened to pull my ignition lock cylinder this past weekend and found that tip to file the tumblers. In my case the lock works fine but I have two keys, one for the ignition and one for the tank and seat, which is how it was when I bought it. I am hoping to consolidate on a single key for all without the $280 Suzuki lock set. I chickened out on the grinding and will take it to a Locksmith tomorrow and see what they can do.

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