Yamaha Yzf R125 Tachometer Going Sometimes Crazy

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by radulepy, May 28, 2017.


Suggestions ?

  1. Battery

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  2. Fuses

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  3. Wires

  4. Vibration from new exhaust?

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  1. Hi guys, after i've just change my exhaust i saw that my tacho is sometimes going crayze
    For example if i'm going 30 it SOMETIMES shows me 15/85/45 random...
    Any suggestions ?
    Wires / Fuses / Battery ?
    Thank you.

    YZF R125 - 2008


  2. I made a mistake in title, not the tacho, the speedometer.

  3. I have the same issue at the moment but I've read that it's seems to be one of 4 things: 1) the main wheel sensor, 2) the cable, 3) the main display, 4) dirt.
    I've not bothered yet checking mine for which it is yet as other issues cropped up but they seem to be what I see a lot of while I've browsed a few forums

  4. I will investigate this week further, the cables and the connection and i will wash it with a pressure pomp, we'll see after,
    I still think it's from the sensor but i have no ideea where that is.

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