yellow and black r125

Discussion in 'For sale' started by yamyzfr125, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    r125 is the best 125 out in the market by far...why sell it to get a minor 125cc? sell this, pass ur mod1 and 2 and move onto a bigger bike :D
  2. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    i want to do full test but waiting as heard they are making test easier to pass soon

  3. Err I've been told the opposite... granted, I was told that by people trying to sell me a test...
  4. Jay-Ramirez

    Jay-Ramirez Member

    its very easy as it is mate
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  5. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    i'm more worried about the theory test, cos my memory is ************ and cant remember things too easy, not saying i am thick or anything just dont like failing things
  6. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    need help with theory test and hazzard preception, i have been driving car for 20 years too
  7. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    still for sale £2300 final offer, just went through and just taxed it so get ya self a bargin

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