Yzf R125. Cold Engine Problem

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by Oskar Hetak, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Hi!

    Do you have the same problem guys like me? When I start up the bike, in first few minutes my engine is going like "wave"- up and down.

    Check out the video

    Yzf r125

  2. Blazer

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    Seems normal to me, it will run quicker than normal on startup similar to a choke. after around a minute it should return to normal.

  3. When I'll pull the handle just a little bit and come back quite fast to normal position, there is the situation like choke, just for a half second the engine is like "stop running" than come back to normal work
    That's quite strange
  4. Blazer

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    These bikes do tend to have a flat spot, fuel injection won't react as instant as a carbs would. Fi needs an electrical signal so there can be a slight delay in fueling. If you quickly twist the throttle it can feel like the engine coughs or almost cuts out, you can try and improve things a little by adjusting the throttle cable. Sorry for the late reply.

  5. Should I make a little free-play on throttle or just stretch the cable a little bit ?
  6. Blazer

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    You can try twisting the black rubber sleeve that covers the adjuster on the throttle cable close to the throttle grip. If the engine revs when turning the bars left then back the adjustment off a little.

  7. Thanks for your help mate!
  8. Blazer

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    No worries!. You could also try out the ais mod if you like, which is believed to improve throttle response. There are plenty of posts on here with information on the ais mod if you need it.

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